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biznatch village

Member since July 19th, 2007



Food: tacos, hamburgers, french fries... anything that is fatty and salty... so pretty much anything unhealthy

Movie(s): LOTMS, Pirates of the Caribbean... Harry Potter can kiss my ass (you are cool if you know what movie that's from)

Band(s): My Chemical Romance (duh)... (others that are good but not my favorites) Taking Back Sunday, The Academy Is..., Paramore, Pencey Prep, Leathermouth, Queen, The Chariot, Misfits, Arctic Monkeys, Black Flag, Pennywise, Circa Survive, Escape the Fate, Funeral for a Friend, Iron Maiden, Interpol, Muse, The Used, Nine Inch Nails, Papa Roach, Ramones, Bad Religion, Sublime, Avenged Sevenfold, Coheed and Cambria, Flyleaf, Guns N Roses, The Hush Sound, Hot Like A Robot, Incubus, Hawthorne Heights, LostProphets, Mutemath, The Living End, No Doubt, The OffspringRefused, Rise Against, Saosin, Smashing Pumpkins, The Sounds, Three Days Grace, Thursday, Underoath, Whitestripes, U2 (wow that's a lot)


Animals: ostriches, chinchillas, elephants, and the best for last- monkeys

More Random Stuff About Me... I love soccer and I was the MVP for my high school team, TAItv is the shit (cause it's freakin' scooter time!), lots of people think I talk too much, I do random things b/c I can, and usually end up getting hurt

FRIENDS: S.I.P (weird nickname that's better left abbreviated- on here known as goldfinger) is my bestest friend and we are MCR nerds together... actually I'm sitting next to her right now and she's helping me type.. see how helpful she is? Smile and now for some random stories about stuff we did together...we changed out of our soccer clothes in front of the school, and I had to give instructions to her cuz she couldn't figure out how to get her spandex off thru her jeans... we laughed at a freakishly small toilet in the library. seriously, it was like 2 feet off the ground! we laughed for like 20 minutes (it was really that funny)... we rolled around in the grass laughing so hard no sound came out b/c she had a stupid ringtone on her phone of little girls laughing like chipmunks... I put the string from my soccer shorts over my head and danced like Erkel... last year in Journalism class, I acted out part of Helena and slid on the floor for her (damn, that hurt!)... good times (i think we've embarrASSed ourselves enough)

All I want for Christmas... jk.. all i want before I die is to at least see MCR in concert 20 times and meet them.... hugs would be nice, but I don't want to shoot for the stars, here (no i am not an f-ing teenie)

Mmmkay, that's it for now...


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