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Ceiling Gerard

Ceiling Gerard
New York City

Member since January 29th, 2006


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I Love Your Sardonic Grin

Jenni n I am the nightmare you do not remember. The sweat that beads off your skin when you wake. I am the shivers down your spin and the small hairs on the back of your neck that rise at the sense of fear. I am the shadow in the corner of your eye. I am the strangle moans of pain that you swear was just the wind. I am the disturbed. Perturbed. Dead. In most cases, Insane.

I am being eaten alive. Slowly. I can feel the fangs of ignorance sink into my spongey skin and rip at the flesh as if nothing but paper. The blood spilling onto the white paper that will be the source of my living. This place, this Staten Island, is nothing more than a vacant black hole that offers nothing but a sea of regrets. It does not cradel the creative mines and allow them to grow. Instead, the people shun anything unfamiliar and "immoral" and cast us out as nothing more than "weird" "crazy" "liberals." I want to be free of these chains that were slapped on me since birth. I want to run away.


You Have Forgotten; I Write.

For those who remember me, I am a writer. I have been banished to the world of Mibba after a few dirty comments involving the genitals of rockstars caused me to get banned from INO. Not that I minded too much. Mibba is a place where writing is accepted and treated like a newborn child. The writers and the stories are far more original and interesting than those here. But I do not...shun INO writers for I was one. I still write, frerards and original stories.

Nanashi II
Pot Is Not A Hallucinogen
The Song That No One Sings

Alone This Holiday
Fallen Heroes

Original Stories
Cherry Soda Boy
Dear God, I Think I Killed The Sweetest Flower
The Devil Has a Special Place for You and Me
Votre Amour Est Ma Mort
You're Beautiful
The History of Crimson Romances
The Way The Flowers Dance With Glee
Always and Forever, My Love
Smile Forever
The Meaning Of Love

Keep The Faith
Keep the Faith is a movement started on Mibba, where we MCR fans try to hold our faith in this band together through the written word. Though I have my own qualms about it, I have written three stories for the KTF project.
Early Sunsets
I Am
Over the Horizon

Non-Slash/Joint Fanfiction
Have Kids, The We'll Talk
Nightmarish Waltz

Slash Fanfiction
You Would Kill For This
It's Just Hair
I'm Not As Think As You Drunk I Am
Greener With the Scenery


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    Semi Old hair, technically just the faded version of old hair..

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    Relatively new hair.

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    Old hair.


  • Please Die !

    Ceiling Gerard. lmfao. x

    Please Die !, September 5th, 2009 at 05:47:04pm

  • stay away;

    Hello :) i like your profile, and may just read a story or two
    you are pretty.
    I'm Beth.xx

    stay away;, April 9th, 2009 at 06:05:43pm

  • vampire kitteh :3

    =D ceiling gerard lolz. and the in the pic... semi old hair... i hve the poster in the background hanging in my room... on 2 wallz XD AND 1 ON THE CEILING lol jk

    vampire kitteh :3, May 8th, 2008 at 06:19:37pm

  • Pieces Mended

    HA! first comment! XD

    -throws confetti-

    Welcome back Smiley

    Pieces Mended, March 27th, 2008 at 11:40:01am

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