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in your dreams

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FUCK THE DA*LY MA*L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay im srry peole that i jus randomly invit people as friends, i am not a creep i am just random if i like something on your profile i will ad you

also srry that i have no idea how to use BBcode, so i dont have anything pretty (or scary) on my profile (but im working on that- iv gotta bruda wit sum serious computer skillz: seriously hes a genius)

Whoot for al time low, hit the lights, valencia, barely blind at webster theatre 7/21/08 wicked cool i was up against the barricade! yay me!

ZZ Top also at oakdale= really really great show!

Panic at the Disco w/ Motion City Soundtrack + The Hush Sound + Phantom Planet @ The Chevrolet Music Theatre (AKA Oakdale) on May 10 2008 was supercalifragilisticexpialidos cious!
Check out The5OfUsAreDieing on youtube for videos coming soon!

Aiden and Madina Lake @ Webster Theartre Hartford, CT on Thursday March 20 2008 it was absolutely crazzzy!!!! the mosh pit was great it was a wicked venue and the security was exceptional the bands there were: Aiden, Madina Lake, My American Heart, Freeway To Freedom
if any1 else was there i was w/ the chick with the broken arm, we had the glowsticks, and were jumping around the most so ya it was the best time of my life

i could be called any number of these things by dumb ass white sheep that say baa bcs the man told them 2, and dont u dare judge me and call me scene or poser because ur insecure about ur self and need to put other people down 2 make ur self feel better(thats wat razors r for):punk, emo, goth, geek, intellectual, headbanger, metal head, un-known, cutter, nerd, smart kid, artist, skater, musician, witch, thespian, renassaince/medevial times freak, poet, hippie, weirdo, the girl w/ purple hair, im a non conformist and i hate labels yay me!

i have purple hair
i'm nocturnal(thank god for cafeine)
I lovelovelove art
i am a capricorn
i only bite back twice as hard
i am interested in becoming Wiccan
i think Homophobia is gay, even tho im straight
i believe Animal Crulety Should Be Stopped (remember Humans are animals to!)
i want to Start Global Cooling
I play electric guitar in a band with my friend
Faeries are fucking rad! and unicorns! Dont forget about Dragons!
everyone is stupid so get over it and live ur life and for the earths sake dont conform to standards

Some of my intrests and loves: Music, Reading, Writing, Guitar playing, Model Rocketry, Tae Kwon Do, Running, the enviroment YouTube-ing, Manga/Anime, Ramen Noodles, mythology, Magick, magic (two VERY different things!), being random, IMing, Talking on the phone, CrissAngel, and a new and unexpected intrest:field hockey(who would have geussed?)

And Strong, Strong Dislikes: the j*n*s br*the*rs, people, pink, fakes, h*nn*h m*nt*n* h*gh sch**l m*s*c*al(I will not metion names, so as not to help them with world domination), violins(long story), SPIDERS, Record Labels, Sellouts,

MY FAVORITE MOVIES: Halloween, The Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Sissor Hands, Sweeney Todd, James and the Giant Peach (anything Tim Burton, johnny depp kicks ass), Napoelon Dynamite, The Shining, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates Of The Carribean, Lord Of The Rings, EVERYTHING FUSE(well almost everything), scarred, room 401, sixth sense, saw, PAN'S LABRINTH, Courage The Cowardly Dog Show, Invader Zim, Myth Busters, Hostel, Dawn/Day/Night of the Dead,The Grudge 1 and 2, 30 Days of Night, I am legend, nightmare on elm street, freddy vs. jason, Silent Hill, The Hills have eyes 1 and 2, 28 weks later, Carrie, 1 and 2(the rage), Creep( terrible movie, super ass creepy tho)

MY FAVORITE MUSIC: My Chemical Romance, Panic at The Disco(without the !!!!!), Fob even tho im not likeing the new fob i liked tttyg and eow/ygf, Hawthorne Heights, 30seconds 2 mars, aiden, atreyu, beatles, black sabbath, johnny and edgar winter, three days grace, green day, good charlotte, simple plan, sum 41, blink 182, +44, sex pistols, pink floyd(lol just goes 2 show ya i love em both) bauhaus, ramones, rancid, sioxie siox(did i spell that rite?!), paramore, cute is what aim for, cobra starship, freeway to freedom, my american heart, madina lake, the hush sound, NOXF, motion city sound track, burnt toast, HIM, The almost, Underoath, rolling stones, aerosmith, beastie boys, run DMC, AFI, blaqk audio, depeche mode, ACDC, beck, the cure, The academy is..., Alice cooper, alkaline trio, armour for sleep, Chicago, Rush, Audio Slave, Blue oyster cult, Alice in chains, Augustana, deep purple, blondie, bob dylan, neil young, bob marley, Bouncing souls, The clash, Jane's Addiction, cranberries, cream, eric clapton, Gym class heros, the killers, drop kick murphys, eagles, tom petty, elvis costello, evanesence, flyleaf, foo fighters, frank zappa, godsmack, golden earring, A7X, Guns n roses, velvet revolver, weezer, iggy pop, rise against, daft punk, against me! incubus, The white stripes, the raconteurs, jethro tull, nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, kisskiss, led zeppelin, linkin park, saosin, Mindless self indulgence, matchbook romance, metallica, Miss Conduct, Modest Mouse, Muse, the used, Nine inch nails, The number 12 looks like you, the offspring, pearl jam, P!nk, Queen, queens of the stone age, radio head, Red hot chilli peppers, red jumpsuit apperatus, Rob zombie, Seether, scary kids, scaring kids, senses fail, System of a down, serj tankian, Signal to noise, Smashing pumkins, Taking back sunday, talking heads, Thursday, tom tom club, tool, U2, Van Halen, PompeII, Baumer, New London Fire, Going Home, hellogoodbye, Gorillaz, i no this is weird but anyways..Rihanna, Hot Hot Heat, Lit, Ludo, lostprophets, Escape The Fate, jeffree star, Primus, Dresden Dolls, Kill Hannah, Motion City Soundtrack, Phantom Planet, The Hush Sound, blessthefall, The metro station,

MY FAVORITE BOOKS: Dracula, The Shining, Frankenstine, THE CATCHER IN THE RYE, TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, Eclipse, Edgar Allen Poe, Anne Rice, nathaniel hawthorne, robert frost, gregory maguire, Pretties, Uglies, Specials, Extras, The Last Apprentice, A Great And Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, the sweet far thing, Skulldulggery Pleasant, Elsewhere, robert burns- the rose of battle, Pendragon, Lord Of The Rings, Artemis Fowl, Molly Moon, Ironside, Valient, Tithe, Wicked Lovely, The Lovely Bones, The Amazing Adventures Of Fanboy And Gothgirl, The Blue Girl, The City Of Ember, The People Of Sparks, It, The Historian, The Umbrella Academy, sweetblood, A Series Of Unfortunae Events, Stargirl, Love Stargirl, Stiff, Neil Gaiman-sandman, coraline, M is For Magic, Silent Spring, Unwind, Hellboy, A Gathering of Shades, Blankets...

Be Cra-z
Be Stupid
Be Wilde
Be Sillly
Be _______
Be We!rd
Be Yourself
Because life is too short To be COOL

"losing the feeling of feeling unique, do you know what i mean?" 9 in the afternoon, panic at the disco

"we'll mutilate insanity" we sleep forever, aiden

"starless eyes for heavens sake" This is the best day ever, bullets

"your starless eyes remain" Its not a fashion statement it's a fucking death wish, revenge

World By Storm, Aiden

"Live Fast!<wiL francis> Die young, and leave a beautiful corpse, James Dean

An It Harm None, Do What Ye Will

So Mote It Be!


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  • chemicallyxromanced

    hiii.....awesome profile....=D

    chemicallyxromanced, August 6th, 2008 at 10:01:42am

  • The Creature

    Hha, I know it's a song by the Zombie. That's why it's my theme, i love the song. I'm gonna be changing my theme soon, though. I'll miss this one. I'll change back to it sometime, though. Haha. Oh, if you go to the link in my sig, you can see the original version for the music video for Living Dead Girl. I like it a lot more the the second version they made.

    The Creature, June 30th, 2008 at 05:38:20pm

  • The Creature

    No problemo, mi amiga. =]

    The Creature, June 11th, 2008 at 10:51:48pm

  • sad savior;

    hey. (:

    I got your friend request, I'll accept you, once I get to know you better.
    So send me a message! (:

    sad savior;, June 9th, 2008 at 03:23:27am

  • The Creature

    To put a link, you can either put [url=url]text[/url]
    or [url]url[/url]

    The Creature, June 4th, 2008 at 10:39:20pm

  • CarcinogenCrush

    Hey how're you?

    CarcinogenCrush, June 1st, 2008 at 10:51:05pm

  • PollyPocket

    ha ha those pics make me LOL
    a lot
    i hope i dont get famous cz then ppl wud be able to see my skl pics


    PollyPocket, March 21st, 2008 at 11:01:30am

  • Disenchanted2thecore

    oh your welcome... it is a pretty awesome album tho .. gosh i fell in love with it haha

    Disenchanted2thecore, March 16th, 2008 at 03:50:50pm

  • Rainbow_Cupcakes

    oh its ok welcum 2 ino!

    Rainbow_Cupcakes, March 12th, 2008 at 10:56:43pm

  • O__O

    You're welcome!
    How are you ? (:

    O__O, March 12th, 2008 at 02:36:49am

  • Rainbow_Cupcakes

    kewl pageio

    Rainbow_Cupcakes, March 10th, 2008 at 11:38:25pm

  • wabagoo

    hello everbody!

    wabagoo, March 10th, 2008 at 10:16:07pm

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