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I'm crazy and nuts! I absolutly love My Chemical Romance! But I do love other bands too like Panic At The Disco. I love bright colors and I'm no longer suicidal, thus the happy.

I wanted my first concert to be My Chem but unfortunatly The Black Parade died before I could ever go to any of their concerts. So Panic At The Disco in '08 was my very first concert.

I'm going to tell you how I began to like MCR. I had first heard them when I was about 11 or 10 and 'Helena' came on the radio. I fell in love with it. But they started playing it WAY too much on the radio and it started to get annoying thus putting me into and MCR bashing period in my life.

Then The Black Parade came out and I decided to try again. (I was still in the trying to fit in and be popular period mind you), I got Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and then once 'Helena' played something in my head clicked. I remembered hearing it for the first time and loving it, so I got hooked.

I started to tell my so called 'friends' and they got pissed that I didn't like listening to 50 Cent anymore or Rihanna. They called me really horrible names and so I actually have to thank them for saying those things to me. I went home crying and then my real friend Mary sent me a link to an MCR interview thing. I loved it, Frank gave me a wonderful idea.

I went to school the next day and it only took one of those so called friends for me to take Frankie's advice. I went up to all of them and said

"I don't give a fuck what you think of me! I like this band and I like the real me unlike you! So sut your damn mouth you motherfucking sluts."

I walked away feeling amazing.

I love My Chemical Romance to this day. Thanks to Frank Iero especially, for helping me realize I don't need to care what others think


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