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immortality is dying

immortality is dying
Tess ingleheart

Member since May 1st, 2008



hiyas well im tess.
im at college atm studying media studies i wanna be a journalist.
uh i love mcr they've been my favorite band for like five years now.
i watch life on the muder scene everyday XDD
makes me happy.
i wanted to see mcr since i first heard im not okay,
and one day last year i was listening to zane lowe on radio 1
and they had this big MCR compitition and i was enterd it like everyday for two weeks, of course i knew i'd never actually win. so i went to see enter shikari on the friday it was awesome, and then on the saturday with a cracking headache i met all ma mates down town and i was moody cuz i thought i haddnt won, and then my mum rang me and was like tess did you enter a compitition, and i was like yerr, you've won, and i swear that was the happiest moment of my life.
so i put on my black parade dress i went to london with my best friend who hates mcr but allwel . there are no words to desribe how i felt at the koko club in london standing in front of gerard way and the guys................




  • cemetery

    Hi! Just wanted to sa welcome to INO! : D

    cemetery, May 1st, 2008 at 09:51:05am

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