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Bris-vegas, QLD

Member since September 15th, 2008



I'm the girl who tends to stare
Pretend you notice, pretend to care

I'm the girl who stands alone
But I have a heart, not made of stone

Hey hey hey, my name's Brittle. I'm a little obssessed with Marilyn Manson, My Chemical Romance and Mindless Self Indulgence. I doubt any one will read this, considering that the main reason I made this account is to post poetry so that people that don't know me can read it, tell me their thoughts on it. I don't normally let people that I know read my stuff, because none of them have the audacity to tell me I'm sick. I like to read poetry, I like to write it. But I don't like people to tell me it's good when it isn't. Honesty is often a good idea, however white lies that protect people can be a good thing. Like telling your friend's hair looks awesome, when you don't think it suits her. Or it looks like she is turning into a skank, in which case we just pretend she isn't going over to the dark side. Or the bright side, as the case may be.

Yes, one of my friends has been hurting me and a few of our other friends. She doesn't mean to, she just has a habit of walking off with other groups... skanky, they-all-hate-me-and-call-me-names groups... you know the type. Slutty, sleep with all the "popular" boys. Most of the ones at my school are fat, ugly and really, really gross. None of them are pretty. Sadly, there aren't many cute people around here. Such a shame.

My, my, my. I do babble. Well, seeing as I highly doubt that anyone will read this, that's quite alright. Unless, per-say, someone gets as bored as I do and decides to use this as a strange little time-consumer.

Well, then, I'm sorry to those bored enough to have read this. Geez, I sound boring as hell.


Well, I promise I'm a little more eccentric than this makes me sound.



that's about it.

Love Love,
Brittle xox


  • emolove4everurs

    Hey wats up? welcome to the site!! i'd like to read some of your poetry if you don't mind=]

    emolove4everurs, September 15th, 2008 at 12:08:48pm

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