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New York

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Well, my name's Daniella and I have to say I lead a pretty boring life. I'm a pessimist =). I am so negative it's unbelievable. I know that's not a good thing, but it's just a habit of mine. Anyway, when I was ending 5th grade, I started to get into poetry and I used to write a lot of poetry. I was never satisfied with it though and I quit. I do hope to get back to it one of these days though. I also like drawing (People tell me I can draw, but it really depends. Sometimes my art comes out horrifying and sometimes it may not look that bad). I guess I can say that I like dancing. I've been dancing since I was 7 and I'm 13 now, not that long. Ballet is actually my stronger area and hip-hop is my weaker area, probably because I don't like it. For some reason, I've always seen ballet as nicer when it has a dark or sad theme. Oh, and an important fact about me is that I absolutely HATE coconuts with a burning passion. That goes for vanilla scents too. What's weird is that I love vanilla ice-cream. Anyway, I've been playing the piano for 6 years and I'm not very good but I sort of try. I'm severely athletically challenged. I just can't play sports and that's that. I have some of the most incredible friends in the world. Without them, I'd be completely miserable since right now, I'm only partially miserable (pessimism and procrastination lead to this). How could I forget about the most important thing ever? Let me just say that My Chemical Romance is an amazing band. They're the only band that I have ever listened to that I can't get bored of. I love the meaning and the stories behind their songs and albums. My favorite songs are "Thank You For the Venom", "Helena", "Famous Last Words", "Kill All Your Friends", "Vampires Will Never Hurt You", and I'm going to stop now because I have a lot to go lol. I'm getting the feeling that you're bored out of your mind reading this so I'm just going to shut up now and let you get on with your life. +D


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