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Milky : Mindless

Milky : Mindless

Member since December 23rd, 2008


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Hello there xD I'm Liza (you say it like Lisa, wish I had a pound for evertyime I've had to say that in my life).

I write. I draw . I dream.

I love my friends. They are my life. I don't really have a family, and i'm eternally greatful for my friends for being my family.

Lisa, Helen, Julie - I Love You

I love music. I can't imagine my life without music in it. My life revolves around music. I can't say a band has saved my life, because they haven't, I saved my own life. But music has helped me at many difficult times in my life. And there have been many.

My dream is to be a bassist. I can't see myself doing anything else. I don't want to be famous. I just want to have a life I love and doing something I love. I'm addicted to basses. Guaranteed if there's a band then my favourite member wil be the bassist. Not on purpose, I'm just drawn to them ^.^

I've had a pretty fucked up life. I've been through a lot of stuff I shouldn't have. And done a lot of things I shouldn't have. And I'm still so young. But i'm not bitter. I somehow managed to get through the depression, addiction, insanity, suicide, heartbreak etc. The bad things were really bad, and some are still there. I'm not happy. But I don't want to die anymore. And that's a good thing. I guess.

I smoke. I drink. I take more than suggested. I'm still living.

Kaiser Chiefs :
Mindless Self Indulgence :
My Chemical Romance :
Avenged Sevenfold :
Bullet For My Valentine

I don't want to die anymore. I want to live.

If you don't listen, you're never gonna learn.


13th November 2007 - Sheffield Arena - MSI / MCR
3rd December 2007 - Sheffield Arena - Kaisers
28th January 2008 - Leeds University - A7X
30th January 2008 - Leeds University - 30STM
8th October 2008 - Leeds Academy - Kaisers
12th October 2008 - Sheffield Academy - The Hoosiers
23rd February 2009 - Sheffield Arena - Kaisers

I L O V E Y O U !

The End !


  • Photo #14639

    Me without a hat on, which is very rare

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    Me with THE hat.

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    My Teesh xD


  • withoutmcrIdisappear

    hey, I think ur really lucky to have friends that will help u :)

    withoutmcrIdisappear, December 27th, 2008 at 06:56:49pm

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