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Laughing Banshee
Pittsburgh, PA

Member since January 13th, 2009


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Nothing special about me. Just here because I love MCR and the charitable work they do. Just moved to Pittsburgh and started a new team, focusing on the guys' charity stuff.

Let's see... I'm a DJ and writer, just moved here so my cousin and I are going to open a non-profit radio station along with a cultural center. Just waiting on her to graduate at Clarion Univ (Comm Major) May 09.

I tend to speak my mind quite frequently, I mean, don't say you don't like something just because everyone else says it. If you like it, cool, stand up for your opinions! Don't BS me, I'll call you on it.

I homeschool (actually, unschool) my two kids (ages 10 and 13), because I can't stand the surrogate parent brainwashing cesspool institutions schools have become. Don't get me started.

I play WoW, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Left 4 Dead.

My kids are huge MCR fans too.

My fave CD is Three Cheers, but I love the song Early Sunsets Over Monroeville from Bullets. And now I live near there.

Saw MyChem (ahem, The Black Parade) live for the first time at Projekt Revolution in Atlanta. Couldn't take my kids because the tix were expensive and I was working the TSN booth. But then took them to the MSG show in NY, had a BLAST! We were all fortunate to meet Gerard in Atlanta at the Dragon Con "That's totally pink bro, not red" hahaha made him laugh, it was awesome.


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