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Nicole (Cupcakes,Cuppycakes)
Fucking, Oregon

Member since March 20th, 2009



-Music: Genres: Techno, Metal, Rock, Alternative,Christian Rock, German, Japanese
-Books: JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Mercedes Lakey, and Tamora Peirce, Robert Heinlein, good stuff
<(^.^<WinkGAAAAAAAAAAAH I AM CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH GERARD WAY !!!!!(>^.^)> !@#$%^&*()_+@$#$%^&&*(&%*$_%)#+_$(#)%($(%_#(%u$(%$(__+@
-I love: GERARD WAY, Listening to music, makeup,reading, animals, TATTOOS,drawing, surfing the web, writing poetry or fiction, singing, being alone, meditating, CUPCAKES,RAVING, DANCING, competition, money and shopping :O, listening,sleeping,cuddling(haha),debating, dancing, talking to intelligent people,being myself, IMVU
(^^) (>^.^)> \M/(>.<Wink\M/ O.,,.O

jkfg random s****
Who I'd like to meet:
Your girlfriend.... >Very Happy JOKING!!! XD Jesus contain yourself lfidnfiy3*!~*U@#($(_
(someone who actually cares, someone who is real, somebody who loves unconditionally. I hope there all the same person...) LOL i freaking want to see Silverstien in concert. :p But, things you might need to know!! I am hated by many. Nonetheless, i still have a heart. Umm...I am a social outcast, yet i still have friends...I love them all!!! I write, read,think,draw,and type a lot. I love all my people out there... *spazzes to Dj Mystik* I AM THE GREATEST MOST AMAZING F===KING CUPPYCAKE THERE IS!! SO GET OVER YURSELVSH! -HA HA IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE THEN 1)YOUR CRAZY AND 2) I LOVE YOU ALREADY!! MUASHASHAS!!!


  • valiumobsequy

    Umm.... hai thurrrr

    valiumobsequy, March 25th, 2009 at 10:03:48am

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