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WARNING: if you dont give a shit, dont. if you do, this is just a few snippets about me Smile and what i have to say

kay, so my name is Sar and i live on Earth (no im not a martian Razz ) anyways, i avidly play the piano and have been for 11 years now, its my life. i take singing lessons and have been singing and professionally trained for about 7 years now. i had previousely played the Flute.

I also snowboard at my local resorts (badly i must say lol) for about a year now and love it! Apart from the bruises, and the after shock of falls, its a lot of fun! I just got a concussion about 6 months ago, but im not stopping lmao its addictive Smile Dont ask me what happened- I have no clue! I dont remember anything .. but the damage to my helmet says something lol.

so anyways, back to the point. i have 3 horses which i show. My horse Leo and I show western pleasure with the American Quarter Horse Association and hopefully at the All American Quarter Horse Congress, or the Quarter Horse World Show 2010. I enjoy riding and caring for my horse... except for mucking stalls. thats not that fun, but whatever, as long as it keeps my horse healthy. it reminds me of having a kid- you are responsible for them, if you dont develop a good relationship ur not gonna get anywhere with them; whether that being trust or kindness.

i write my own songs (badly) and my favorite bands so far are My Chemical Romance (duhh XD ), Escape the Fate, Paramore, a little bit of Hinder, Billy Talent, Hedley, and yes i do listen to Rihanna- sue me. Personally, i believe that you are who you are. You aren't a scene kid cause you wear bright colours, ur not goth cause you love eyeliner and wear black, and ur not prep cause you wear abercrombie and hollister- YOU are YOU! There is NO such thing as a poser. Sure, ppl may still believe in the labelling system.. that will happen no matter how hard you try. Ive gone thru many labels; prep, poser, follower, teachers pet all that... but it doesnt matter. Just because you listen to some of the pop bands you HAVE to be a prep, and just cause you listen to MCR or ETF, or BFMV doesnt mean you have to be punk. Its what you like, and how u live YOUR life. I wear hollister, listen to ETF, and MCR, and hell THE JONAS BROTHERS! What does that make me? A poser? A freak? A creeper? No. It makes me Sarah, and it makes me unique. Whoever tells you your not cool cause of what you wear, how you speak or where you live is wrong. lol, i just went into a rant there.. i do that from time to time lmao Razz

the one thing that really connects me to mychem is that the songs are really deep and make me think of more umm, the hierarchy of life kinda thing... i'm not perfect, and i'm not that happy... its nice to have something to connect to that i understand and i know that SOMEONE out there is listening; someone out there understands and really cuts deep into life the way mychem writes their songs. i avidly listen to all their songs, but every song has a different meaning to me... my family thinks its all mumbo jumbo, but i see and i understand that the world really is NOT a good place- wherever there is light, there is always a shadow lurking somewhere. I am a huge fan, as you can tell, but i see being a fan differently than others do. Sure, I don't exactly buy ALL the merch, the posters, the pens, yadda yadda... but i support and respect the band and everything about them. Attention people- they are NOT from mars! They eat too, they sleep, they love, they are people... i think some people forget that along the way of being "their BIGGEST fan" and go insane over them when or if they see them. i would like to meet them and chat with them too dont get me wrong, they seem like really nice guys that just want to live their life to the fullest. Their music, what they say to the world is enough. They say what they want to say. Sometimes thats the hard part. They ALL have been thru a fair share of unexpected endeavors... Of course my real dream is maybe one day have sushi with them and just chill like normal people do; talk about life, music, shoes xD and maybe some more. But until then, my only connection remains to their music and their message they send.

` Three cheers for tyranny, unapologetic apathy; cause there aint no way that im coming back again. went thru it all, how could you cry for me?

anyways, hopefully i can be on frequently since ive encountered a few cool awesome ppl on here already and i love talkin to ppl that have the same love for MCR i do! cya! If you read thru all my bs on this, then kudos to youu and well, thanks. Its great to meet new ppl, and learn new things. Thanks again for listening, inbox me if you wanna chat



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