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The Sperminator

The Sperminator
Emma Marie-Therese

Member since September 20th, 2009


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"Adults are just obsolete children, and the hell with them."-Theodore Seuss Geisel [Dr. Seuss]

"It's Like my heart is having sex with my lungs!"

And that is the reason why I love Google Images! ^^^^^^^^ (Me? Obsessed with Zacky? Never!)


Preggo And Proud My Children

Oh shit...
oh shit, what's in the bucket?
whats in the bucket of shit motherfucker?
them grapes in the mouth, grapes in the mouth
them grapes in the mouth
make you happy down south
make you get a big boner
what ya gunna do?

I'm just your average kid, I guess. I like to read, and write, and draw. I sing in a band called The Jet Black Mirror. I have one blue eye, and one green eye. I love to laugh, and have a tendency to come out with the most random sentences. I just love to be happy. Happiness is a gift that so many people aren't blessed with. So treasure it.

I idolise Frank Iero, and everything he stands for. He is truly an inspiration, and is the reason I picked up my first guitar and started to write music when I was twelve. It's no beautiful to see a truly genuine person like Frank find his place in the sun, as so many hypocritical assholes who don't deserve it get all the recognition most of the time.

I'm not straight edge. I'm far too...daring for that. I am so envious of people who are straight edge. It's great to see people standing up for what they believe in.

I smoke weed. Lot's of it. And I like to party.

I Understand That Scissors Can Beat Paper, And I Get How Rock Can Beat Scissors, But There's No Fucking WAY That Paper Can Beat Rock. Paper Is Supposed To Magically Wrap Around Rock Rendering It Immobile!? Why The Hell Can't It Do That To Scissors? Screw Scissors, Why Can't Paper Do That To People? Why Aren't Sheets Of College Ruled Notepaper Suffocating Students As They Attempt To Take Notes In Class?! I'll Tell You Why, Because Paper Can't Beat Anybody. A Rock Would Tear That Shit Up In Two Seconds. When I Play Rock Paper Scissors, I Always Choose Rock; Then When Someone Claims To Have Beaten Me With Their Paper, I Can Punch Them With My Already Clenched Fist And Say "Oh I'm Sorry. I Thought Paper Would Protect You, You Asshole!"

Ahem, I Am Preggo, Whoo. My Baby Daddy's Are Katie, Ewan And Jacoby; All Of Whom I OWN Except For Ewan Cos Katie Lives Under His Kilt.[/color][/size]

Hey, I'm Fergal.
I Go By Many Other Names; Emzizzly, Fudgenuts, Emmy, Nemma, Squishybear, Jellybear, Pie Pants, Fergie, Fizzle, Edward, Edible, Edwin, Eggbert, Spud, Penguino, Wedgie, And Spanky(Do NOT Ask XD)
If you happen across my real name, do ignore it, it sucks.
Actually, I've posted it on here....
How about you just don't look for it?
That would make me happy.
Free sex if you ignore my real name.
Okay, My Name Is Emma. I'm Named After A Jane Austin Novel. God, I Hate My Mum ¬_¬

The Dinglehopper Crue. (We're Special, See...)
Me: Caped Leader, Naturally, Naturally. Codename: Cape Rape.
Jayde: Chief Advisor, Oh Yes. Codename:WhiteWolf
Aiden: The Resident Stripper. Codename: Ivana Humpalot
Joe: Random Hobo Who Steals The Crue's Pickle Sammies. Codename: Yu Gi (Can We Get Sued For That?)
James: The Guy Who Makes Fast Food. Codename: Nerdburger.
Jade: My Sidekick. Codename: The Hoff :XD
Dave Grohl: The Janitor. Codename: Dave Grohl XD
Aine: The Fastest Knob In The West. Codename: Red Hot Chilli Pecker.
If You Wanna Join You Can Toootally Ask Smile


Feeling: High As A Fucking Kite ^_^
Wanting: Edward Grimes *Drool*
Rockin': P.J's!! ^_^
Listening To: Before He Cheats-Carrie Underwood


What To Say About Myself? 0.o Image
I Act About 10 Years Younger Than I Am...And I'm Proud Very Happy ^^
I'm A Skater.
Small Town Kid.
Loves The Country.
Fails Maths.
Speaks English, Irish, French, But Not Fluent.
Obsessed With Draco Fxckin' Malfoy.
I Love Music
Yeah I Am Kinda Screwy That Way.
I Have A Reeeally Boyish Haircut.
I Love Frerard.
My Friends Are Everything To Me.
The Only Thing I Can Cook Is A Cheese Toastie.
I Burnt One Just Now.
I Love Final Fantasy..
Sometimes I'm The Funniest Person You'll Ever Meet..
Sometimes I Talk To Myself.
I Laugh At Silly Things.
I'm Uber Easily Excited... Never Say: Frank, Mikey, Gerard, My Chemical Romance, Russel Brand,, Zacky V, Avenged Sevenfold, John And Edward Grimes, Mintcake; Around Me...Or There Will Be...*Ahem* Consequences >:]
I'm Not Scared Of Death
...I'm Scared Of Chickens
I'm Sexually Confused....
I Love Russsel Brand.
I'm Sick Of Writing


I rather suck.
Frerard is my religion.
Gerard is the pope...
Frank is the... Um.... Pope's fuckbuddy XD

I'm a little bit nutty, so don't worry if you don't understand me.... I don't understand me either!

The REAL Ending To Lord Of The Rings Razz

Quotes!!!! XD:
Me: "Awh I've A Wedgie And I Swear I'll Need Surgery To Remove It!"

Me: "Kirsty, Wouldja Ever Just Hong My Kong!"
Kirsty: "As Soon As You Bang My Kok!"

Claire: "Awh Come On, Every Time I Look At You You're Suckin' Someones Face!"
Me: "What's Wrong With That?!"
Claire: "Nothin'...I Just Prefer Suckin' Penis! "

Me: "Is Anyone Else Really Thirsty? I'm Really Thirsty! **Starts Eating Chocolate Cake** Chocolate Cake Makes You Un-Thirsty Right?? RIGHT!?!?"
Claire: "No..."
Me: "Bollox!"

Me And Jade: "SUCK MY ARSE!"

Everybody: "HI ALEX!!!!!!!"

Me:"Jade, I Love You...You're Like The Bean To My Bum."
Jade "WHAT!?"
Me: "I Dunno..."

Me: "Monkeynuts."
Claire: "Fanny."
Me: "I Want To Eat Monkeynuts Off Your Bottom...Or Maybe Chicken Balls"
Claire: "Yu Scare Me..."
Me: "And I'm Taking You Ballroom Dancing At A Gay Bar."

Me: "Bitchwhore!"
Kirsty: "Whoreslut!"

Me And Jade: "I Want To Can You...I Want To Freeze Dry You ..I Want To Make You Into A Preservative..I Shall Pasteurize You...>:]"

In Homec, Jade: "Don't Bang The Maachine!"
Me: "Well I Thought That Was Sort Of A Rule Anyway...Oh You Meant Don't Hit It! XD"

Kirsty: "Awh I See Ya There, Lookin' At The 12 Year Old! GETTIN' YER EVENIN EYEFUL! D:"

Me: "I'm Cravin' A Sausage Roll..."
Claire: "You Bitch!"

"We're The Irish Hurlin' Team! WAHEY!"

Me: "Om Nom Nom"
Kirsty: "Whassat Supposed To Mean!?"
Mr.Tarmey: "Nyam Basically 0.o"

Me And Kirsty: "Yeaaaaarr We're Bum Pirates! We Sail The Seven Semens!"

Me: "Imagine Havin' Like A Really Big Dong...Like The Size Of A Telegraph Pole..."
Nathan: "OR A BUS!"
Me: "No, That Reminds Me Of My Da...Anyway, If Ya Had A Really Big Wang Like That..Wouldn't It Be Weird!?"
Kirsty: "Jaysus Ya'd Tip Over Every Time Ya Got It Up!"
Me: "You'd Have To Piss Standin Outside Yer House Cos Ya Wouldn't Fit In The BathRoom!"
Nathan: "Ya Could Wrap It Around Yer Waist?"
Me: "Then Poeple Would Ask You If Ya Were Going Swimming "

Me And Kirsty: "OMG I HAVE 10 SECONDS TO LOOK SEXY!!!! D:"

Me : *Dances* If Ya Like It Then Ya Shudda Put Yer Ring On It!"

"Pole Station...Does That Mean That Chicks Are Poledancin In The Primary School?"

"Ahh! Emergency Eyewash!" <<Science

Claire: "When Emma Leaves The Exam, I Leave Too. If I'm In The Middle Of A Question And She Decides To Go, Then I'll Just Go Too!"

Me And Kisrty: *Makes One Eye Look Chinese And Puts On Chinese Accent.* "HI CONNAAAAAAAAWW!" :L

"Omg, George Hit Me On The Ass, SWOON!"

"I Want Secks, With A Real Penis."




"Can I See Yer Tits Now?"

"Ya Mowldy Auld Blue Duck."

"Ah Sham, Dat's Cat Altogether."

"Daddy, Can I Have A Pony For Christmas?"

"Heyy Lisa Wink "



"Ohh That Tickles My Pickle!"

"He's My Princess!"

"Omg Kirsty! GIVE ME SECKS!"


"One Hundred Percent Haaardcore Pornographay Wink "

"Omg I'm Malasian!"

"Kentucky Fried Paki!"

"Good God I Feel Like I'm Getting Anal From A Tlegraph Pole."

Jade-"I'm Gonna Ring Him."
Me-"Don't Call Him! He Might Answer!" :L

Claire-"Emma Move Over." *Kicks My Chair And I Fall Over In The Middle Of The Class*


"My Goldfish Is Evil!"

"Do People REALLY Stop Like That During The Angelus? Imagine And Old Religious Couple Having Sex: "Oh Mary, Mary, I'm So Close!"..."Be Quiet John, The Angelus Is On."


"2+4=Cake. I Love Maths."

"Ms.Hall...Can't She Just Keep Her Legs Shut For One Year So I Can Learn Something?"

"Hey Mammy, Yano How Yer Eating An Egg. That's A Chickens Ovary, Just Thought I'd Say."


"Dude, My Dong Is So Big It's Like A...A...Lightsaber!"

"Why Is The Bizkit Limp?"


"Insert Cock Here"

"The Exits Are Here *Points To Mouth*, Here *Points To Ass*, And Here! *Pelvic Thrust."

"No, Kirsty's The Exempt Ginger, I Don't Be Hatin'."

"Pussy Face. The Pussy's On It's Period Now, Look! IT'S A NOSEBLEED I SWEAR!"

"Feel Priveleged, Cos I Don't Share My Noodles Often."

"Jade, You May Have One Bisquit A Week."

After Ten Times Of Explaining The Joke- "Dya Geddit Now Emma?"
Me: "No...Did You Know You Were Ginger?"

"What's The Worst Thing You'd Like To Have Up Yer Ass?"
Me: "Either The Red Hot Chilli Peppers Or Mr.Spicy."


"Kirsty, I Swear I Will Come And Perv At You Through Yer Window. Quit Pervin At Me Ya Big Perv!"

"You Look Like A Lesbian Girraffe...Smile "

"How Come His Pubes Are Different? I Bet He Got A Pube Transplant."

"Get That Banana Out Of My Face!"

"It's Tiny, It's Ginger, Oisin, You're Innapropriate."

"Fanny Fanny Bum Tit!"

"I'll Have A Shitloada Sprinkles On That."

"We Hate Her."
"No, You Both Have The Same Name."
"She Has The Same Name Too."
"Well, We Don't Hate Her. We Hate The Fat One."
"We've Already Said Not You" :L

"Oh God, She's Sucking His Neck! Or Is It His Ear!? What If He Doesn't Clean His Ears!?"

"I've Gotta Build Up Some Tit Mass."

"Jaysus If Ya Married Hiim Ya'd Never Need A Sattelite Dish."

"I Bet Michael Jackson Is Really Hyper. Well...I Bet He WAS Really Hyper. He's Not Hyper Anymore..."

"Buenos Noches Is Good Night In Spanish? I Thought It Meant Good Nachos." :L

Ms.Barrins: "What Type Of Dogs Do We Get In Earthquake Situations?"
Me: "Dead Ones?"

*Spanking Gesture* "Mammy Colm ;o "


"I Know The Answer! It's Pakistan!"

"I'm Going To Run Away To Condom. It's A Real Place In France"

"I'd Ride Brian Cowan. Then I'd Use His Power To Fly."

"Yes, I Can Fly."

"Hey, Are You Using That?"
"No, Why?"
"Then I Don't Want It." :L

"They Can All Come To My House For Tea!"

"Pacman Can't Turn Left!"


"Get Me A Weener And Put It In A Bun. Now."

"Her Ovaries Are Crying!"

"Yeah Well...You Can Just Suck My Scrotum!"

"Homeless People-"
"-That's Jade." :L

"Get Outta My House You Guys!"



Mr Arrigan -"I've Lost My...It's A Small Little Thing..."
*Me And Jade Burst Out Laughin*
*Mr Arrigan Angry Face* :L :L :L

Agh New Found Glory is on t.v! *loses interest in typing*
Okay it's over now.
Oh no, now it's Korn! *hides*
Scary Sad

I'm Sorry, But I LOOOOOVE Weebl And Bob!!! XD

I tend to update a lot Very Happy
Don't be shy, add me and talk to me, and I will read/comment your stories [:

I am The Pope
You are not
Sucks to be you =P

I love Lamp
So does Kirsty...but he's mine!

Viva La Banana !!!
It's Peanut Butter and Jellay tiiiiimmmmmmme!!!


Bands I <333333 = My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Anti-Flag, Alkaline Trio, Three Days Grace, Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Blink182, Breaking Benjamin, Slaves Of Ares, Green Day, Eyes Set To Kill, The Spill Canvas, A Static Lullaby, Paramore, Avenged Sevenfold, Leathermouth, Pencey Prep, Bullet For My Valentine, In This Moment, All Time Low, The Clash, Hollywood Undead, Aiden, Bring Me The Horizon, Black Flag, Misfits, T-PAIN!!!!, Porcelain And The Tramps, The Used, Underoath, Finch, Attreyu, Black Sabbath, Slipknot, All American Rejects, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Elliot Minor, Linkin Park, Lamb Of God, And Way Way More (:
Music Is What Gets Me Through Life, That And Writing. I Live For Music. I Sing, I Play Guitar, I Tunelessly Hum In Class, I Scream In The Shower, I Cry To It When I'm Sad, I Laugh To It When I'm Giggly. It's The One Friend That Will Never Leave Me. Music Is Life

To My Friends: I Love You All, Real Life And Internet, Friendship Is Friendship (:

This Guy Is My Idol <3

This Is Me =/

Ich Bin God...make me noodles bitch!!!

Save me Jebus!


You must love The Mighty Boosh or I will dispose of you!
Oooh Cheese, Ooh Cheese!!!
I am the head...take me to my hat collection!!!



Jimmeth Talks A Lot Of Inspirational Nonsense!

You jahinnocent, mongulated, transmoglified cocksuckers! You've liquidated me!!!!




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    hi i'm pretty good, just chillin on christmas break =]
    How 'bout you?

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    ohh haiii Emma ^^

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    ohh haiii Emma ^^

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  • attic dramatic

    Hi emma

    attic dramatic, September 21st, 2009 at 09:09:08am

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