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I'm 28, from Denmark and unsure of my english.

My Chemical Romance isn't my favourite band or artist, but since I'm here, I gonna tell you how I feel for the band.

I got introduce to My Chemical Romance in 2005 (where I got into U2 the most, so I didn't listen to them very much), it was first in 2006 when The Black Parade came out, I started listen to them. I can't remember exactly when or what got me started.

My top 3 albums is

1. I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
2. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
3. The Black Parade

Their 4th album I haven't listen to much

I love to listen too their music and see Life On The Murder Scene. I can't get enought if I get started.
I don't think they have change anything for me, they haven't saved my life or anything but their music is precious to me. I will forever be greatfull for their music. When I have my periodes where I listen to My Chemical Romance, I love to sing and play air-guitar to the music. Very Happy
Frank Iero must be my favourite because just look at him.. And then there is Gerard Way...

I really want to write with others who love My Chemical Romance.

Music is very importen to me.
Bands like My Chemical Romance I listen too is not many, but few
I can listen too all genre in music. Classic, rock and more hard to metal, folk, electronic and more

And there is alot more to tell about me so ask me ask me ask me

Ask me if there are something you wanna know...


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