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____Gabrielle Orion Way


My name is Gabrielle & I play dungons and dragons. There isn't really mush to say about me. I'm very friendly unless you fuck with my friends. I'm a short curvy, skinny, little footed, opionated, artistic, crative, smart, relaxed, sensitve, strong willed, scared of everything, afraid of needles and water bigger then my tub. I'm only fourteen but I think with the matureity of a 27 year old. I can't spell for shit. I love being on the computer 24/7. I dont have tons of friends but I know alot of people. I talk alot, but then again my name is Gabby, I love music. My Chemical Romance is my favorite band. But there are many other bands and artist I like. I am an artist, i draw, paint, color, write, and sing. I respect all types are art but there are alot of pieces or art work I hate. I love comic books and I have since I was little. I love horror movies, and old black and white movies and shows. The Munsters and the Adams family are shows I still wake up early to watch everyday. I love old 50's movies where the sound is blotchy and the color is painted on the film. I like old fashion things, but I love technology. Im a very smart person, but I have trouble with math. I live off chapstick, coffee, music, art, vitamin water, incents, fire places, movies, and blankets. I love being snuggly and I love to cuddle. I like maroon and black and white. I like being warm and I love changing things. Im very complicated. I'm naturaly a happy person, but I have OCD so I complain alot too. My grandfather died of cancer so I'm very medicaly involved and I study up on cures and things, I want to support and help other people threw that. I don't belive anyone really desirves to have a severe sickness or witness a loved one go threw it. I hurts worse to watch. I'm in highschool right now and I can't wait to graduate. My gradfather always told me I chould do anything I want to do in life, as long as I had my education. So I work hard for him. I love to eat food. I really do haha. I live by, "You only have one life to live so let lose, and fucking LIVE!"

When I graduate highschool I want to go on the road traveling to modern music and movie festivals and film and write a book/movie documantary of the FANS not just the bands. Growing up reading and watching bad interviews I've always wanted to create something for US the fans that make the bands what they are. I want to travel for 1 to 3 years and meet people and then move to New Jersey and go to art school in New York where I can edit my film and finish the production and get a head start on my career.

I suport everyone and their dreams, but please, if your interested in helping me with my documentary that's fine. But dont steal my dreams and make it sound like you came up with the idea. I've dreampt about this since I was a little girl and I dont want to see people doing it because it makes them feel like fans.

_____________________♥GERARD WAY.♥

“Be yourself, don't take anyone's shit, and never let them take you alive.”
It's hard to imagine how much I look up to this man. He inspires me so much to be strong and stay true to myself. He is the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on and I dont think any man chould ever compare to him in my heart and my eyes he is my soul mate.

"We all have very humble backgrounds and very geeky interests."
He helped me threw my hard times growing up and I thank him for that. I owe it to him and the band to respect and love them for the rest of my days.

"I get these urges to fuck off sometimes."
He let's me be myself and cut lose in a world of tight asses and I love it! I dont want to fit into anyone's expectation except my own.

“I have a homosexual crush on most adolescents.”
The world and the people in it are changing. This is the time to be respectful to other people opions on life. Don't be in ignorent fucktard. Let people be what they want and accept it, it's not hurting you, and you may come to like it yourself.

“I"m still completely out of hand, just more like a 12 year-old with responsibility.”
I'm not grown up yet and I know that. I have alot to learn and go threw, and I have their words to support me and get me threw every good or bad experiance life has to hit me with.

“I'm not psycho...I just like psychotic things.”
I tend to be creepy and obsess over things. Vampires and monsters for one, I even like bitting people! My Chemical Romance and ohter people who inspire me. Death facinates me. Pain and suffering. Human nature it's all addicting. I'm sad when someone close to me dies, but if someone was mauled by a bear and you didnt have a weak stomach whouldnt you want to watch it too?! But hey, it's what I like, and I accept myself for what I am, and I'm not afriad to hide it.

“If you don't go to highschool you will definitely go to jail.”
You cant get anywhere in life without an education. I know this from my family's experiance and teachings and I'm very supportive of schools and teaching others.

“So many people treat you like you're a kid so you might as well act like one and throw your
television out of the hotel window.”

I'm still a kid, and I just want to live! i want to make my own mistakes and learn on my own. I want to explore new things and experiance everything in life, not just what they teach you in school or show you on TV

Video of My Choice: Saosin-Your Not Alone.

I selected this video because I am a plain fan of saosin haha. no but I was thinking about my future and I had some people who aren't suportive of my dreams, and this song got me past their words. I know I can do what ever I want to be sucessful in life, and they can't drag me down. I'm truely not alone, and I can make it threw anything.


  • Stare-x

    OMG L!!!
    i love L

    Stare-x, November 14th, 2007 at 11:34:57am

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