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My Chemical Romance are working on a new prject- a documentary that captures a year in the life of the bad.
Film cameras have been following frontman Gerard Way and his bandmates around for a year capturing (almost) their every move, including gig and backstage footage, and recording their journey from the unknown New Jersey fivesome to one of the worlds hottest properties. Viewers will also get the chance to see the physical transformation the guys have gone through in the past 12 months....
"I think there should be some running counter on the bottom of the screen showing how many pounds we lose during the course of the year," guitarist Ray Toro told MTV. "Because, honestly, we look pretty bad at the beginning of it."
"At the beginning of the film, I look like Jabba the Hutt," added Way. "And by the end of the film, there are all these shots of us and we look like skeletons."
The goth-punkers are hoping to put the still-untitled film out on DVD at the end of October.
If that wasn't enough to satisfy your MCR addiction, then cry not, because hitting the shop shelves in November are a set of action figures, modelled on each memeber of the band.
"The band are really excited about these figures," a spokesperson tells K!. "The thought it would be very 'un' MCR not to do action figures as everyone knows how much the all love comic books, games and actions figures. So to have themselves immortalised in doll form is amazing for the band and the fans!"
You can pre-order yours now from Forbidden Planet where each action figure costs £9.99 and comes with its own coffin

This story is featured in this weeks Kerrang! and it also includes a poster of the boys holding one of their well deserved Kerrang! award.

September 15th, 2005


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