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To The End

Helmee Bluth
In The Murder Scene
Helmee Bluth
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November 20th, 2012 at 03:21pm
I never knew about “A Rose for Emily.” That’s cool. If someone hasn’t read about it yet, go do so now. It’s near the start of this topic. I also like what AVENGE ME. said . I disagree with some of it, though. Also interesting is My Dear Delirious had to say. It was in disagreement with the other two views I mentioned, but it was good and interesting.

NoGlamourInSuicide said “all the diamonds you ate” could refer to crack rocks, which could totally be right and I never thought of that. I have my own theory, which I’ll state later on, but hers might be it.

AwwxSugar interpreted “she drives at 90 by the Barbies and Kens” to mean she (and he, though I don’t agree with that part) is hated by the public, which fully relates to the story. I have to read that story.
I think that this is a very interesting song that touches upon many themes, such as the need for humans to look good in society, but also to have a secret life behind the curtain.
“She’s got a life of her own”!

Anyway, here are my interpretations. I wrote them before I read this thread, so there won’t be many references to A Rose for Emily. I think this song is about people with “jet set lives.”

He calls the mansion not a house but a tomb

This is a wealthy man who is very unhappy.

The wedding party all collapsed in the room, so send my resignation to the bride and the groom

The rich unhappy man is getting married and there is possibly murder.

This elevator only goes up to ten

My god, this man must be richer that Bill Gates!

He’s not around. He’s always looking at men

So it’s an unhappy marriage. Possibly a marriage for money or one to hide the man’s homosexuality.

Down by the pool he doesn’t have many friends. As they are—face down and bloated

Definitely murder! The jet set life must have killed them.

She keeps a picture of the body she lends

She’s a sex worker?

If you ever say never too late, I’ll forget all the diamonds you ate

Drug smuggling? Maybe that (and the sex work) was where their wealth came from.

Increase the medication. Share the vows at the wake

Another one sent to the grave by the jet set life!

Because of the line, “The wedding party all collapsed in the room, so send my resignation to the bride and the groom,” I think the music video should be MCR playing at a wedding gone wrong. Sort of like a zombie wedding, but not with zombies. Like, the people are strung out. And bits of the lyrics are acted out in the video. It ends with the partygoers collapsing during the last chorus/outro. Right after Gerard sings the last “To the end,” the band collapses.

Come to think of it, the sex worker thing could relate to “A Rose for Emily.” It could be another reason the public could hate her. In addition, “share the vows at the wake” relates to her being in love with the man after his death.