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Help a fellow MCRMY Family Member

Age: 34
Gender: Female
Posts: 2
June 3rd, 2015 at 05:44pm
I'm doing a project for my algebra 1 class and if I don't have it completed by tonight, I get dropped from the class and I don't earn the credit. I don't think I can handle that too in my life right now. I'm begging you guys for help, as a fellow MCRmy member.

The project is a survey and the question is:

How many items of My Chemical Romance merchandise do you own?

This is a very vague question. It can range from socks, posters and bracelets to jackets and autographs. (yes, solo career merch counts too!)

exact numbers are appreciated but not needed. GUESSTIMATE IF YOU MUST.

I'd really appretiate an answer and if you're not okay with posting it publicly, you can kik me! @ kenadeekilljoy