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Searching for Super Fans/ Repeat Listeners

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April 27th, 2020 at 01:44pm

I'm helping casting a show that is searching for the biggest repeat listener of different artists that will be featured on Quibi.

We're hoping to find really interesting stories about why you might have listened to a particular MCR song and then connect you with the band in a short production!

Check out our casting submission site here and let us get in touch with you!

The Casting call reads:

Are you the biggest repeat listener?

We are searching for the biggest repeat listener of an artist or song for a major streaming platform.

Do you listen to a particular artist or particular song more than anyone else on the planet?

And can you prove it?

Please tell us your story and why your favorite artist or song is

meaningful to you?

What makes you listen to something more than anyone else every day?

We want to hear from you!