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MCR5 ? LOTMS2 !?

Age: 17
Gender: Female
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November 2nd, 2022 at 02:58pm
i def think itz possible, & foundationz will def b on it, mayB as the opening track ? but yeah. i mean come on, the tour backdrop ? the whole 'swarm' theme ? @ 1 of the concertz (i 4got which 1 but it wuz DEF there bcuz a lot of ppl were talking abt it on mcrtwt) the overhead screenz gave a disclaimer that the show wuz gonna b filmed, & sum ppl were also talking abt how they were getting approached & interviewed abt the show & abt mcr etc, so mayB we could b getting a sequel 4 lotms !!! wut do u guyz think !?!?!? :0000