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Gerard Way at MorrisonCon

Gerard Arthur Way.
Demolition Lover
Gerard Arthur Way.
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May 3rd, 2012 at 12:45pm
"Gerard Way will be one of 10 special guest at MorrisonCon in Las Vegas, a comic convention curated by
Grant Morrison. The event will take place Sept. 28-30, 2012 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.
Tickets go on sale on May 9 at 3PM ET / Noon PT Details can be found at"

Apparently you have to be over 21 to attend though.
Bad Obsession
Salute You in Your Grave
Bad Obsession
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May 6th, 2012 at 02:28am
That's the bad thing.. :/ I'd love to be there.. damn, being young sucks