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Melody and lyrics written to existing music.

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October 28th, 2017 at 09:41am

I've gotten so that I really like writing to already existing melodies. I've discovered that listening to the music and getting a feel for it gives me ideas out of nowhere. I'm not so great at music theory so that sort of method for writing eludes me. As the song progresses, I find the words and syllables that fit the sound I'm hearing. Not sure if that's how others do it, but I do. Occasionally, I can find the repeats and I might start with a chorus and work from the chorus to the beginning, then pick up and go the other way after the chorus. Writing to existing songs take a little longer for me than straight lyrics. Incredibly fascinating to me though, how the end product turns out. What I usually run into though is a little hump I have to plow through. Sometimes, a different note or direction is what I'm expecting and it throws a monkey wrench into the vocal melody I envision for it. I usually figure a way over it, but I have to amend my really (maybe) great idea. Thing is, I most always like it, but it delays the finished product a bit and writing time is precious.

For more details: 2d character animation