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November Ninth Oh Six-Colonge,Germany

Age: 29
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November 21st, 2006 at 01:31pm
(I looked for a topic on this show and didnt see one)

On November Ninth, I attended the My Chemical Romance show in Colonge Germany with my two friends and my dad (Yes.My DAD.How cool is that?) The opening act was 'Days in Grief' and they got us all pretty pumped for My Chem to come out,and when they did we went crazy!

They played The End,Dead,How I Dissaper,Welcome to the Black Parade,Mama,Cancer and Famous Last words from the new CD.

Toped with I'm Not Okay,Helena and Thank you for the Venom from Three Cheers.

And Sugar coated with Our Lady Of Sorrows (my first MCR song) from Bullets.

The best part of the show is when Gerard saw our Canadian Flag that we had hung over the balcony (I'm a Canadian ArmyBrat who lives in the Netherlands XD) and told us to stay safe and blew us kisses.

Even though I didnt get to be right up front,I didnt care.I had an amazing time.

For Merch I got the Ring Of Fire Arm Band (FINALLY) and The Hoodie that looks like the band jackets.

Pictures to follow!