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the anti-scenester

the anti-scenester
Lord Mom Sensei
A World That Sends You Reeling

Member since July 28th, 2006


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I am going through a bit of an identity crisis right now. I'm either Orochimaru from Naruto, Akito Sohma from Fruits Basket, or Amberlee from New Jersey.

I have been into My Chemical Romance for a few years; not quite the beginning but closer to it than most. Somewhere around the release of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, I think. They are my favorite band for reasons that might be beyond your understanding...

But if you get that close-to-tears feeling when you listen to their music...

And you know you wouldn't be alive today if not for it...

Then maybe you do understand.

Other music I like? The Used is my second favorite. I like The Academy Is... and Fall Out Boy. I always say I'll stop listening to Fall Out Boy, but I never do. I liked Panic! At The Disco for about two months. And then they got boring and annoying. Panic! is a passing fad, but My Chem is here to stay.

I'm getting pretty into Cobra Starship these days, as well as Bright Eyes. I'm not a big fan of emo. I like something with a nice, fast beat and some killer guitar, and sometimes I like some mellow acoustic and a lighter vocal tone.

I am the proud leader of the Doomsday Device, my own little cult. There is only one official member other than me, but there are six unofficial memebers. They haven't been fully initiated yet. We defeat out demons and all the non-believers. Except we sometimes convert the non-believers. And we plan to dominate the worls through the mass production and distribution of foodstuffs.


  • bruised and scarred

    can I join your cult?
    it sounds like fun
    may I have India when we dominate the world??

    bruised and scarred, April 30th, 2009 at 07:58:19pm

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