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Bacon Egg and AMY!!

Bacon Egg and AMY!!
Amy, but I'll answer to Gwen.
Suburban Hell, Indiana

Member since August 3rd, 2006


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Basically, I found out aboot this wonderful place from GSB quite a while ago, but never visited until the new album came out and I was thrown into an MCR swing. I go through times when I never listen to MCR (and usually mostly Green Day) and then a few months later I'll be on an MCR only musical diet for a while.

I'm opinonated and egotistical, but I try to be fair at most times. If you judge me before you get to know me in ANY way, I will hold a grudge against you for a VERY long time. I like to stencil designs onto clothing, and I'm slowly learning how to make my own clothes. I think mainstream coffee shops are always overrated, and I'm often mocked by my friends for being 'too indie.' I, of course, think that it is impossible to be too indie, and try to stay out of most mainstream shops.However, even though I listen to music that you've actually heard of, I also have what my parents call 'very eclectic taste.' I listen to everything from My Chem to The Spice Girls to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

I've been told I sing well, and I play the piano better than any of my friends. (Which isn't that impressive, none of them have ever taken a lesson ever.) I quit the instrument when I was eight after a year of never practicing and only playing it because my best friend at the time did. In seventh grade, my then-boyfriend told me that he played piano and I told him that I used to. He told me I should take it up again, and I did, and, well, let's just say that the people who've heard both of us play say that the mainly self-taught (me) was WAY better.

I hate it when people think that if you're not in a special choir, then you must have tried out and didn't get in. This happens a lot to me, but I didn't try out for our school's show choir because of my other love, ballet. Don't immediately think that I'm a smary priss because I do ballet and have for over seven years, please. I love steryotype breaking. I've been called a punk-rock ballerina before, and I love the title.


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