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Geoff Rickly

Geoff Rickly

Member since August 5th, 2006



I live on the internet
I travel between modems
I sleep in desktops
I read html like the morning paper
Pictures pass like trains
as do people typing words most inane
I don't go away when you shut me down
I live on the internet
It's a bit like Vegas
flashings signs
live sex shows
and haggard bums yelling at passerby
I live on the Internet
somewhere between the cable and a DSL line
lurking between wires and hard drives
spreading news like CNN
I live on the Internet
I might never die

(from left to right: Tim Payne, Steve Pedulla, Geoff Rickly, Andrew Everding, Tom Keeley, Tucker Rule)
Thursday is my favorite band probably ever. Their songs mean so much to me: the yearning melodies, the scenic lyrics and Geoff's heartfelt vocals. I found them about 2 years ago out of curiosity at a shitty CD store in a shitty mall in shitty Charlotte. Apathetic, I put the CD into my stereo immedately overcome by the music. I stared at the lumanescent green light of the tracking as it played in awe of the sound. It wasn't long before I aquired the other album War all the Time and later A City By the Light Divided. (I got Full Collapse and Waiting first).
Soon I saw them at the 2006 Warped Tour and they blew my mind. You could feel the drums beating, guitars thrashing and Geoff seemed like he was singing only to you. Seeing another band could never quite live up to seeing Thursday.
In January of 2007 I saw them at Tremont Music Hall.
As you can see, they are my life.



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