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In The House of Wolves

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Nikki Graal


I'm a 15 year old girl that lives in Canada. I have short-ish brown/blonde hair, and 11 piercings (Yea, I'm an addict xP)
I love music, and my favorite bands are
My Chemical Romance
Panic! At the Disco
Fall Out Boy
Marianas Trench
Billy Talent
The Academy Is...
Gym Class Heroes
Breaking Benjamin
Faber Drive
Three Days Grace
Two Asians and a White Guy
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

And then there are those who are not bands... or even rock for that matter. I love Mika, George, and Justin Timberlake <3

Mama told me what I should K N O W
too much candy gonna rot your S O U L
if she loves you, let her G O
'cause love only gets you D O W N

^ Please Go there and join ^ I get free money (:

The Commandments Of A Chemical Romance
1. You shall not put a gun to any lovers head
2. You shall be willing to die for
3. You shall seek
revenge on those who wrong you
4. You shall be a
demolition lover
5. You shall unleash the fucking
6. You shall protect any lover from anything even
7. You shall respect the lord
Gerard Way (and his bandmembers: Mikey Way, Ray Toro, Frank Iero and Bob Bryar)
8. You shall sing the holy hymns of the
Chemical Romance
9. You shall see beauty in
bloody love
10. You shall
rock hard

The 10 Commandments of The Black Parade
I. thou shalt not accepts death as it comes
II. thou shalt sing and march without question
III. thou shalt face fear and regret
IV. thou shalt let go of thy dreams
V. thou shalt give blood
VI. thou shalt not fear thy sins
VII. thou shalt protect thy brother in arms
VIII. thou shalt darken thy clothes
IX. thou shalt not walk this world alone
X. thou shalt carry on!

v Oh yes, and, I have some INO family, and I love them all very, very much. v

<3Wifeys - Nikki, Britanny, Mariah, Anna, and Anna!<3
<3Sisters - Natalie, Kristen, and Danielle!<3
<3Mama - Sarsha!<3
<3Grandma - Amberlee!<3
if i got any of my family wrong, just tell me, I won't eat you. Very Happy Maybe.


  • WtfAshley


    WtfAshley, March 28th, 2008 at 07:54:52pm

  • the remembered one.

    Hi i am Sierra a.k.a. the teenage gypsy....
    You probably havent read any of my blogs yet but it is slowly getting famous it is about my miserable lyfe and it tell some col things in it too... Please start reading, "about the lyfe of a teenage gypsy"
    p.s. please comment
    Love, TG

    the remembered one., October 6th, 2007 at 09:14:44pm

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