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Member since August 23rd, 2006



My real names Katherine but I'm known by everyone as Lock
I have two sisters They are on this site. Rachel/shock (rachi_left4deadx_x) and Stephanie/Barrel (I will not kiss you)
My friends call me Lock after the Nightmare Before Christmas movies Devil/
I'm 14 and live in England. County Dorset, Poole, parkstone. (which sucks)
I go to Ashdown school where I met my 1st ever friends 2 years ago.
Music I listen to is pretty much everything from Rock - emo - metal
I don't listen to bands like Pussy-cat Dolls or Girls Aloud Take That or any of that shit. Personally theres no point in them bands existing when alot of people think they're shit because the mime along to their music don't write their own stuff and can't sing anyway because it is all studio generated.
I would like to apoligise for my lauguage.

I go to Ashdown school. As I said above. The school is retarded. Don't go there.According to the 'chavs', if you were black eyeliner...your an emo fag. I wear black eyeliner nail polish so yeah I am in the emo fag catorgory. My little group and me call ourselves the grebs because the chavs started calling us it so we thought 'Fuck it! They can't offend us calling us greb if we call ourselves that.' Kids ping-pong me, threaten me, hit me, call offence things to me and no-one does anything about it. Its a bad school don't go there. The grebs are goths by the way and we are like a family. A messed up incesr family. Somewhere in this I have managed to have 5 dads

Adie - Daddy, Uncle, Husband
Laura - Daddy Uncle
Marc - Step Brother, Full Brother, Daddy
Jembob - Mummy
Matt(cripple)- Pet Dog, Divorced Husband
Matt (greaver) - Daddy
Brit - Daddy
Adam - Orphan child

Our familys messed up and Laura would be my Mummy, auntie if she didn't claim to be a guy. My (real) sister has a (greb) mother who is a guy. And I am not related to her mother either even though I am her full sister,

Best Quote
“You’re going to come across a lot of shitty bands, and a lot of shitty people. And if anyone of those people call you names because of what you look like, or because they don't accept you for who you are. I want you to look right at that motherfucker, stick up your middle finger, and scream FUCK YOU!” – Gerard Way

Things I hate
1. Leyon Whitmore (kid who said to me "the people who died in 9/11 deserved it and you should of gone with them."Wink
2. Sluts/chavs/preps at school obsessed over the fact they THINK I slit my wrists
3. People who think you suck and hate you because of what you look like and what you listen to instead of who you are
4.Adults thinking I am depressed
5. People who feel sorry for themselves
6. People who live so up their ass, to see that they are twats
7. People who love themselves
8. The stories on this website that are filled with mainly gay sex betweem members of My Chemical Romance From First to Last The Used and P!ATD and more bands (not all stories are like that)

I have only just seen the Nightmare Before Christmas and it is amazing ... best movie in the whole entire world (says last part in a faraway voice)

For Christmas, I boought my Friend Adie (who is a guy pronounced Aid - ey) a bat which he names Jerry

Adie is fun to confuse. It is really easy.

My friend Laura is confinced that she is A penguin/ninja. Which is quite retarded and funny.

At school, I crowd surfed down the corridor. It was so fun. You should really try it.

You know if I am drunk, if I find your shoes hilariosly funny.

Thats is enough of my profile.


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