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Margate Fl

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I'm Jennifer and I'm 21 years old.I'm Half Black and half Puerto Rican.Just incase your wondering of my nationality all though it shouldnt matter. Theres nothing to really say about me.My life is a boring mess.I've suffered through heart surgery and a serious illness that some doctors didnt even know about.I've been back and forth to hospitals because A lot of shit was wrong with me.I went through hell and back.I suffered throwing up for twenty four hours and ended up going to the hospital for it.My blood pressure was really high again I had to go to the hospital for that.I had like some murmur in my heart an unexpected heart disease.I was almost facing death here.But theres no need to feel sorry for me I am okay now. I still have the scar.It sucked I had to miss my senior year I missed my Prom and my Gradnight I had already paid for I spent it in the hospital but the great thing is that I'm okay.I did graduate and finished my tests.I graduated in 2004.My goal in life is to come out of my shell and become a cool fuckin rock girl.I love to write.I wanna be an actress I do voices and I wouldnt mind being a comic book artist I love to draw.I love my friends hanging with them.They keep me going and laughing.I only have two great friends.I am greatful when they visted me in the hospital.They stuck by me when I was sick.Miami Childrens hospital saved my life.Even though I dont live in miami.I thank em for it.It sucks to be sick I still am sick cause I have breathing problems I'm starting to go back on them but I'm still fine I can still do a lot of things just not to crazy lol. My favorite thing to do is draw and write.I love art and all that good shit.I'm still the bad silly mother fucker lol.I love to play video games..Video games are FUCKING SAWEET!.My fav game in the world is pacman.Space inVaders..Galaga..Anybody wanna challenge me in PACMAN?.Bring it on MOTHER FUCKERS..I cant be beat.!.....I love Cartoons there sweet.!!.I hope to attend art school this year.So my artwork can become professional I wanna design stuff for rock dudes and make their cd covers and make my own if I ever become in a band.I graduated from north lauderdale academy high in 2004.Not in college yet.Oh Yeah I'm sure you guys are happy to know those that try to hit on me I'm single now I dumped my boyfriend because he was a complete asshole to me.

I love to write stories I live in my own world when I write I lie inside my head when I write....I live up to my imagination I love writing erotic stories and creepy stories..

I was an outcast in my school I didnt fit in I only have a couple of good friends.

Think what you want about me I dont care I've sometimes had enough of Peoples Bullshit.


Fav Things To Do:

<3Watch TV<3
<3Spend time on MySpace chatting with Friends<3.
<3Love coloring thats one of my favorite things to do..I love buying Coloring Books.<3
<3I like to Dye My Hair<3.
<3Love Painting my nails<3
<3Love Art<3
<3Love babies...My cousin emily is a cutie.<3.Heres a picture of her.
Isnt she cute.???She's one years old now She loves MY Chemical Romance.Always dances and headbangs to their music when she hears them.

<3I love annoying people and being a pain in the fucking ass LOL.Its fun<3
<3I love to Drive I get my Liscence in AUGUST,cant fucking wait.<3
<3I love to Drink<3.
<3.I love Spongebob and SouthPark and America's Next Top Model....and Ugly Betty,......The Golden Girls....The Nanny....Fresh Prince Of Bel Air....FUSE TV...I dont have it at home but While I'm here at my wela's I take advantage at the fact that she has it and watch it my friends have it they love teasing me when I Miss my babies..I call MY Chemical Romance my babies Dont steal my nick name! lol..I love American Idol......Love As Told By Ginger.......A lot of TV shows I watch<3.


-NightMare Before Christmas.
-Corpse Bride.
-Phantom of the Opera:<------I love that movie to pieces.------------->
-FINDING NEMO<------my Fav Disney movie in the World Dorys My Favorite.I have a stuffed Dory<---------
-Princess Diaries<------Second Fav Disney Movie.

FAV Top Bands.
<3MY Chemical Romance<3
<3Ten Years<3
<3System Of A Down<3
<3Three Days Grace.<3
<3Green Day<3
<3Fall Out Boy<3
<3Evans Blue<3
<3LaCuna Coil<3
<3METALLICA<3<---Your nuts if you hate them.
<3Smashing Pumpkins<3
<3Cheetah Girls<3----Yeah I like them What the fuck you gonna do about it?.
<330-Seconds TO Mars<3

If Your a fan of Somebody you like or I like thats cool....But Dont come to me saying you bet your a better fan because That just makes you out to be an asshole and childish.Sorry Truth Hurts...I cant stand people like that......

<3Paris Hilton<3.
<3Bert McCracken<3
<3Diane Sawyer<3<---All Four of em should go in the closet together.
<3Martha Stewart.<3
<3Racism<3.<----if your a racist pig Dont talk to me!! I dont like racist Bitches.!
<3President Bush<3
<3HomoPhobes<3.<-----If your that Dont fuckin talk to me either.
<3Sluts and Whores<3.
<3Smiling<3<-------------I hate smiling I hate it when people force me to smile!!!.Either I snap at em and say I dont want to....Or I give em a smart ass wensday addams smile.
I am excited that my Friend is recreating me the Bitch Dress Of Amy Lee Its gonna be different though!..Amy lee is my inspiration.!!

I'm a really shy person....
But When I get to know you I'm Cawaaaazy.!!!! lol I love to Take MY Babies everywhere I go and pop them in a cd player when I go out with friends or walk to my friends and sing their music at the Top Of My Lungs LOL I love showin off being a fan of MCR or evanescence....I would always sing on the way back home and the neighbors would look at me like I'm weird......

So Everywhere I go I sing their music sometimes...

My Favorite Animal is cats.!!!! I like em better then Doggies.

MY Favorite Comedians are : Ellen Degeneres, Rosanne Barr.

Favorite Actress in the World: JENNIFER LOPEZ!....

I'm A lazy Mother Fucker who hates Manual Lapor!!! I hate it I hate it !!!! I hate neat freaks...I'm clean but it doesnt last long LOL...I'm a messy Person and I'm gross ....I like to burp and I think farting is funny Me and my friends are imature about shit like that if you think I'm gross as fuck dont talk to me.!!..

My Dream Cars are between A Red and black Convertable , a Neon Car as long as they look nice and pretty!!!!...

When I am famous I hope to accomplish ALL my goals such as ,
Acting/Singing/I love doing those I'm a big drama queen.

I would like to start an advice website when I'm famous because I love helping people...I may not give the best advice but I try to help others as I can...A lot of People come to me about their problems and I find it flattering a lot of the time.

I'm no dr.Phil or Oprah lol but I can try and help you.




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