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Smashed Pumpkin

Smashed Pumpkin

Member since October 20th, 2006



I <3 the following bands:
Smashing Pumpkins
Sonic Youth
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Offspring
The White Stripes

-my favourite colours are blue, black and orange
-i like pasta
-i have 5 piercings; 2 in each ear and a nose stud
-i wanna get a tattoo either on my hand or my foot....i wanna get the Smashing Pumpkins heart In Love
Image <<----- like that, except black

-i have just above shoulder-length hair dyed black
-i can play trumpet and am trying to teach myself guitar
-my guitar is called Steve Gerard
-i have beanie kids bears: a peace bear (Peace), a cow bear (Wondermoose), two biker bears (Harley and M'Arcy) and a monkey bear (Mr Brightside)
-i like shiny or glowing things; like glowsticks or jewelry
-im scared of mummies

I'm a frerardaholic and proud.
Waycests creep me out though.

I have seven eight wifeys:
Blocky, Kexi, Evie, Shauna, Eryn, Ashley, Sarah and Shalisa.
In Love

I am Blue's stalker Shifty

Vix is my number one fan.

I admire Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth for her amazing and individual singing voice. She rocks.

MCR go shopping at the mall (I wrote stealing please...unless you ask me and I say yes)

Frank: Ooooooo! Shopping! Yay!
Ray: Frank, calm down! *tries to restrain him*
Frank: *whacks Ray in the head as he’s jumping up and down* Yayayayayayayayayay!
Mikey: Can someone restrain him?
*Bob jumps on Frank and tackles him to the ground*
Bob: He’s not staying down!
*Mikey and Ray jump on top of Frank and Bob*
Ray: He won’t stop moving! *looks around* Where the fuck’s Gerard?
Gerard has walked into a cutlery store
Gerard: Ooooo, shiny! *takes out shopping list*
Gerard: *reads list* five sporks, skittles, guitar lead, Mr Bean figure and a toaster.
*goes up to the counter lady*
lady: How can I help you?
Gerard: Hmmmm *thinks* do you sell guitar leads?
2 hours later
Ray: Guys we have to leave. The mall’s closing soon.
Mikey: But gerard’s still in there somewhere
Bob: Don’t worry he’s probably left by now
Somewhere else...
Gerard: *in air vent* Hmmm...I wonder if this leads to the exit.
*phone rings*
Gerard: Hello?
Ray: Where are you Gee?
Gerard: Hee hee I'm in the roof
Ray: wtf?
Gerard: Hee hee its fun up here, its all dark and smells funny like your jacket
Ray: Aw fuck you're in an air vent again aren’t you?
Gerard: Yay!
Ray: Just stay there, we’ll come and get you.
While later. Gerard had gotten hungry so started eating the skittles he had bought for Frank.
Ray: Gee? Where are you?
Gerard: Hee hee u found me! Now its ur turn to hide and I have to try and find you!
Mikey: Dude we’ve got to get out of here...the vent will probly break from all our weight
Gerard: *crying* Raaaaaaayyyyy! Mikey called me fat!
Frank appears with Bob behind him
Frank: Yayayayayay! Found you Gee!
Gerard: Seeeee??? Frankie gets it!
Frank: *Sees the open skittles packet* OMFG you ate my skittles you bastard!
Gerard: It wasn’t me! It was Ray!
Frankie jumps on Ray. The vent breaks. All fall out
Mikey: *screams*
Ray: What is it Mikes?
Mikey: I broke...I broke...
Ray: What? What did you break?
Mikey: A NAIL!!!
*MCR laugh*
Mikey: It fucking hurt alright?! Great now my cuticle is bleeding!
Gerard: Hee hee mikey’s cuticle is a tomato
Frank: My ass hurts
Gerard: Hee hee lets do that again!
Ray: No fucking way!

Billy Corgan pretends that Gerard is his son <<< watch this.

Here's some nice piccies:

Image Image


  • Sincerely Oblivious

    Im good,

    Sincerely Oblivious, October 11th, 2007 at 12:07:08am

  • Sincerely Oblivious

    Your profile is so awesome!

    Sincerely Oblivious, October 8th, 2007 at 10:15:13am

  • Statrick Pump is

    I Love your usernameeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

    Statrick Pump is, October 2nd, 2007 at 04:33:32pm

  • mcrobsessive1

    yes yes you did lol
    g2g now bye

    mcrobsessive1, September 27th, 2007 at 03:52:45pm

  • Burnout

    your avatar is hilarious

    Burnout, September 26th, 2007 at 04:22:54am

  • mcrobsessive1

    oh my god that is hillarious!
    MCR go shopping at the mall
    that made me laugh so hard lol
    wow frerardland woo that rocks!!

    mcrobsessive1, September 24th, 2007 at 04:28:24pm

  • ziggy stardust;

    Lovely profile wifey =]
    You rawk my strawberry-patterned socks.

    xoxo Evie.

    ziggy stardust;, August 21st, 2007 at 02:25:49pm

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