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Supply, North Carolina

Member since October 22nd, 2006


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If you want to be my friend, the least you can do is read this x]
I know it's long, but it will only take you a few minutes to read, as opposed to the few hours it took for me to type.


I support same-sex marriage.

I am HIGHLY against Bush.

My opinion on abortion is neutral.

My opinion on 'emo'::: Yes, emo was once just a music genre [NOT My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, Dashboard Confesional, etc.] Today, all over the world, it is a stereotype for, to put it simply, depressed scene kids. Y'know, words can have more than just one meaning. If people ALL OVER THE WORLD use this same meaning, then y'know what, its fucking right -_- So I don't wanna hear a bunch of fuckers telling me "That's not emo! Emo is a type of music from a long time ago blah blah blah!"


Lessee, I'm short as hell. 4'11.75" >_<

14 years old

I live in Supply, North Carolina.
Currently, I am in Lewes, De. until mid-december attending the Cape Henlopen Ninth Grade Campus.
When I go back to NC, I'll be attending the West New Brunswick high school.

I'm bi. I'm NOT gay. I'm NOT a lesbian. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!
Let me educate you mindless losers.....
Gay - Male who has sexual feelings, or love, directed towards other males. Has NO interest in women.
Lesbian - Female who has sexual feelings, or love, directed towards other females. Has NO interest in men.
Bisexual [Bi] - Male/Female who has sexual feelings, or love, directed towards both males and females.

I listen to lots of music, thanks to my friend who is bringing me from under my rock.
The bands I listen to the most often are:
Fall Out Boy
Blink 182
The Scene Aesthetic
The Acedemy Is...
Plain White T's
Death Cab For Cutie
Panic! At The Disco

I have a webcam, so I can prove I'm not a fake [If I need to]
I ish a cam whore ^^

I'm not gonna cyber with any of you losers {get a life}, and I VERY RARELY use the webcam with other people, so don't even bother asking.

I'm [usually] nice to anyone who's nice to me.

I'm good with giving advice, but terrible at taking it.

I'm extremely apathetic at times. If you tell me something and I seem like I don't care, don't take it personally ><.

No one understands me. I don't say that to sound "emo", I say it because I'm dead serious. My dad is the closest to understanding me... but half the time he still doesn't. Simply because he assumes I'm so much like him, [which I pretty much am... but not all the time], he assumes whatever reason he had for doing something must be my reason, too.

I actually don't like having alot of friends on MySpace. Every week I go through my list and delete as many as I can.

If you're a homophobe, don't even bother talking to me unless you're looking for a fight.

I'm normally very random and hyper. One of the most annoying people you'll ever know.

I'm the type of person who'll laugh at a funeral [not intentionally, of course]. When I say I'll laugh at just about anything, I mean it.

I'm officially a new otaku ^^ Yesh! Love reading yaoi and shounen-ai.
Love Yuki <3 [just a tiny bit obsessed]

I hate when people tYp lYkE DiS!!1!!!1111!!!!!!!!11
Correct grammar and spell check were put on this earth for a reason. Use it.

I also hate when people use gay as an insult.

I love GSB [] It's by second home.

The guys on GSB say I remind them of Tom Delonge. I have yet to figure out why -_-

I have naturally dirty blonde hair. I dyed it black-brown, though.

I'm not a vegetarian but I'm not too fond of meat.

I wish I had an english or an irish accent... o_O

I love guys with long hair ^-^

Also love kisses and cuddling <33

I have hazel eyes

Oh, and I'm pretty much becoming a geek =P
I've seen all of:::
Star Wars
Lord Of The Rings
Harry Potter
and I like the game Dungeons and Dragons
Plus obsessing over HP just a bit right now ^.^

I also enjoy watching people play DDR. I've only played once and suck at it, so I just like watching =]

I love my dad more than anything in the world <3

I am definately a spoiled brat.
I am not stuck-up, though.

I don't know what I'd do without my friends. Especially Sam and Jer.

I have 1000+ songs on my mp3 =]

I have, in fact, given into the whole scene look. I was making fun of it one night and decided I actually liked it... everyone else likes my hair the way it is now, too =]]]

I fall in love very easily. It makes me seem sluttish but I'm not at all.

I wish I had just one friend who could accept me for who I am, not who they think I am.

I don't like labels. I have accepted the fact that they are unavoidable, though. I'm not gonna say, "I hate labels, I don't use them." Everyone uses them. I know I do, whether I want to or not.

I know I look pretty in pictures online, but I don't look quite the same in person. The camera does me justice.

I have learned to appreciate every little thing my dad does for me. I love him more than words could ever describe.

I'm very apathetic, but when I'm alone I'm more emotional than anyone would ever guess.

I don't make friends very easily at all. When I do make a friend, I'm usually very loyal.

I have the emo look, but I'm not at all. I DO cry when I'm alone, I DO write poetry, but I am actually quite happy with how my life is going right now.

I trust and forgive way too easily.

I was bi before it was trendy.

My family DOES NOT mean everything to me. I love my dad, and he's all that matters to me anymore.

I'm actually very smart. I'm just slow at times and very lazy when it comes to school.

I want someone to love me. Someone who I can be able to call at 3am when I can't sleep. Someone to help me up when I'm down, and to kick me when I'm high =] Someone who will look at my flaws as making me all the more perfect. Someone I can trust, who can trust me, too. Someone I can be with forever <3

I don't like how people say, "I hate people who..." It's not right to hate the person for doing something you don't like. You just don't like what they do, not them as a whole.

I honestly don't have a life. I get very little sleep, and I'm online whenever I'm not sleeping.

When it comes to someone I like in a way of love, I'm very clingy and there's not much I wouldn't do for them.

I'm very annoying, I know. I don't mean to be. I've tried not to be. It's just how I am and no matter how much I want to change that, I can't.

I hardly ever get angry with anyone who's not family. It's very hard for me to be angry with someone. If I am, it won't last very long at all.

I am VERY stubborn.

I say looks don't matter, but they actually do. I'm not so shallow as to hate someone for not being pretty, but no matter what any of us say, looks will always matter whether we say so or not.

I seem vain online at times. I'm actually very insecure, the computer is my sheild.

I'm alot more open-minded and more myself online, I'm quite shy in person.

I usually don't have a problem giving out my number to people online, sometimes my address as well.

I like holding long conversations with people.

No matter how many time I see Edward Scissorhands, the ending will always make me cry.

I LOVE talking on the phone. Even if we're not talking, I just like being on the phone in general.

I can't hang up on anyone. Even after saying goodbye, they have to hang up first.

I do believe the word love is used too freely. I usually don't like it when someone says they love me in bf/gf way. I don't like to say it to anyone that way, but if they say it to me I can't help but say it back.

If you tell me you're going to call or get online, I'll stay up and wait as long as my brain will possibly allow.

If you call me at any time of day/night and wake me up, I'll most likely stay up and talk no matter how tired I am.

If I say I'm going to do something, I'll do it.
It just may take a bit longer than you'd like ^-^

I giggle alot. Sometimes at nothing at all.

I love all of my friends, I just don't like them all the time <3

I like talking to new people so please IM me; I'm ALWAYS online.



When I get out of high school, I want to rent an apartment and have a gay roomate.
That is my dream.


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