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Nowhere, Va

Member since October 23rd, 2006




Some Undereducated Jockstraps At School (My Personal Hell) Call Me Trixie Catastrophe To Take The Piss. Even Though That Is Nowhere Near My Real Name Which Is The Name Of An Animal....Cat. But Yea Whatever Floats Your Boat. I'm An INFP For Those Of You Who've Taken The The Keirsey Temperment Sorter. I'm Usually Pretty Easy To Get Along With Unless You Piss Me Off Then I Turn Into SuperBitchLady. I'm An Aspiring Artist I Like To Draw & Make Photography Prints...So Far I'm Doing Okay Having Won A Few Art Compititions. Fingers Crossed. I'm A Very Opionionated Person & Yes I Don't Go To Chuch & I Tend To Piss Of The Bible Bangers In My School. I'm Also The Biggest Nerd Ever. I'm In Marching Band, I Won My School Spelling Bee, I Had A Worm Farm & Yes They All Had Names. I Was A Vegitarian For 5 Years But A Medical Condition Made Me Have To Eat Meat To Get Protein In My Body Just Because My Parents Are Too Cheap To Get Me The Little Prescription Vitamins. I Did Have A Girlfriend But Sadly That Ended After 9 Months...But Meh Mustn't Dwell On The Past.


- The Color Yellow - Music - Tattoos - Piercings - Winter - Hemp - Fire - Cream Soda The God Of All Soft Drinks - Neon Stockings - Art - Snakes - Marching Band - Gore - Playing My Bass - Cuddles - Pastries - Making My Own Clothes - Learning New Words - Cereal - Rainbows - My Gay Horsey Sasha (boy) - Hair Dye - Make Up -


- When People Leave Me Messages Saying "You're SEXXXY" Thats Fucking Gross - Animal Cruelty - Batteries That Never Work For More Than An Hour - Being Tickled - Math - Clowns - People - Being Pushed In Lockers - My Shortness - Pants That Get too Big After 1 Wear - MySpace - Sexy Lingerie (If You're Single Whats The Point?) - Discrimination - Jealousy -

Favorite Music:

Everything. Including Rap. Ha Ha. Not Really.


  • Photo #1648

    Charlie & I

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    Gerald & I


  • wabagoo

    lol jeffree star...

    wabagoo, June 14th, 2008 at 01:18:21pm

  • muffinpoo

    :D hi how are you? cool pictures.

    muffinpoo, January 2nd, 2008 at 04:25:54am

  • FAKE!

    jeffree star...ahh
    he is a motherf*cking cutie..
    <3 aussie

    FAKE!, September 23rd, 2007 at 07:50:07am

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