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He Doesn't Love Me

Member since October 24th, 2006



hey im Sammi I'm new here so I'm just kinda learning the ropes to everything thats goin on here at this site so yeah well My Chemical Romance is one of my favorite bands (obviously) I've been listening to them for a few years now and LOVE them all although I do have to say that I love Frankie the most and then Gee but I do love them all very much today their CD has just come out and its fuckin AMAZING!!!! its Bobtastic!!! Gee's voice is just soo great Bob is awesome on those drums Mikey strumming it on the bass Ray and Frankie ROCKIN out on them guitars and the emotion that they all put into their songs and the wonderful meanings they have are just absolutly perfect...ok but enough bout them yall know them already as for me im kinda plain jane i love me friends and family and music dontknow whatd i do without these things i go to high school i play soccer and im in Job's Daughters I'm Wiccan i love mythology astrology and many more things along those lines im not really in a genre i kinda go into everything (everything but rap that is) and yeah as of right now im going to stop typing and check what else i can do on this site oh and if ya want to talk to me me aim is URockMySocks347


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