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Pen Name
Sister Madly

Member since October 26th, 2006


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Sister Madly, waking up the dead,
You're systematically stepping on my head!

The information you are about to receive is completely confidential:
If profile consists of facts that are twisted and slightly distorted for your safety. No, it will not be put into a fancy paint made profile, though BB codes shall be used. Profusely.
Regardless, let’s wander onwards into the strange ways of this alien creature and see what is in store.

So forgive me if I tell a lie
Sometimes I come on cold but don’t believe it
I will love you till the day I die…

Oh now let’s see, at first glance you look away and that’s the way it does stay!
Yes, she fancies herself somewhat of a poet as well as ironic, sadistic, stubborn, sarcastic, cynical, (so many ‘s’ sounds!) insane, mature, distant and quiet.
Head for the hills!
Or keep reading, whatever suits.

…I believe in doing things backwards
Take heed, start doing things in reverse!

Onwards then.
Music is important, as it is to most others, but not only the oh-so loud punk and rock bands. Country is great but unfortunately looked down upon by peers. Piano. Piano, piano, piano. Her fingers are bone thin and long so it’s really the best instrument for her! And drums although they’re retired... Let’s save the whole lectures and so on and say she’s quite musically inclined. Neil Finn is amazing.

Not the girl you think you are yeah,
Someone standing in your place…

She reads a lot.
Anything good and out of the usual. Dean Koontz is a favorite at the moment, about three of them yet to read. Completed one? One sounds about right. Lemony Snicket. Let’s hope you’ve read one or two of them because there may be a code somewhere along the line…. Don’t worry, it’s horribly easy; as in, the answers are basically boldly written!

…The bathroom mirror makes you look tall
But its all in your head, in your head

So what else do you want to know?
Described as an alien for a number of reasons. Raynaud’s phenomenon or disease has a little something to do with it. Ever seen Lilo & Stitch? Stitch can’t float, nor can she. And you know, the misfit thing encourages it all. There’s other things but they have to be seen to be understood. She lives in her head (and no, not since she heard someone else say they do). Very quiet by nature but she’ll be damned if she doesn’t have to yell in her classroom. It’s loud noise with no cause, it’s not productive, it’s not good music so it shouldn’t be. She’s everyone’s rock. She’s grown up to fast and living in a world where people have all stopped. Acts as a mother to her mother an older sister which isn’t as bad as it sounds. Actually, it’s quite good.
13 going on 33.
Tender age of 13 to care a whole lot less about people and more about education.
She rarely comes on here anymore :\ You might catcha one day.. You might not know her anymore.. Well she's here now XD Used to be:
I SeeWhatsGoingDown
Better Than Silence
I'm So Far Gone..

There’s a hole in the river where a memory lies
From the land of the living to the air and sky
She was coming to see him
But something changed her mind,
Drove her down to the river
There is no return

Well that should be enough for now.
If you would like to learn more, click here as it is her old profile. I’m So Far Gone.. became too far gone. Neptune is her limits and her world but Pluto... nah, too far.

“The Argument”
By Sister Madly

-Chiming bell -
As Jacob enters exclaiming
Sir Jacob: I cannot believe begin that you wrote that!
Sister Madly: Oh really? Don’t believe what you read.
Sir Jacob: This is something that I expect from you this, this-!
Sister Madly: ‘This’ is not a proper sentence. Sadly, I thought more of you than that.
Sir Jacob: Well I am trying to get my point across!
Sister Madly: No, you’re hiding something from me.
Sir Jacob: I think not! Just get away! Stop twisting the conversation!
Sister Madly: Why should I? Just for you? I doubt it.
Sir Jacob: Yes for me! Are my topics that boring?
Sister Madly: I think for our own safety we shouldn’t correspond.
Sir Jacob: No wait! I’ll forget it! Please!
Sister Madly: Honestly, I can’t see this working out ever. don’t try to make me change my mind.
Sir Jacob: Try to see this from my angle! I swear I tried to keep my anger in check!
Sister Madly: I certainly didn’t write that, and not about you.
-Bells chime-
Sister Madly: It’s over now. Goodbye.


  • ambry9

    how dare she do such an abominable thing! i am well. and yourself most lovely one? is australia still GREAT?

    ambry9, September 18th, 2008 at 05:05:59pm

  • M the dinosaur


    M the dinosaur, February 19th, 2008 at 06:18:05am

  • xYEW.W0ULD.KN0Ex


    three cheers for your pagee. lol =D


    xYEW.W0ULD.KN0Ex, September 6th, 2007 at 09:36:22pm

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