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Black Hearted Misery

Black Hearted Misery
Would Rather Be In Jersey, CA

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Welcome to the insanity of knowing me everyone!

I'm Laura, your typical, but not so normal, hormone imbalanced teenager that would probably scare the shit out of you, if you're lucky. I'm known to be "dark humored" as people call me, so bear with me as I like to put akward humor into everything, even essays. My English teacher once said to me "you're a great writer, but you're really wierd and interesting, and don't follow the damn rules!." Yet I take "wierd" as the best compliment I could ever get. I'm a very artistic person, so in the art world, wierdness is celebrated, not frowned upon. Could you imagine if everyone was the same? That'd be more creepy than having me on this Earth. Then again, I'm not creepy...I'm wierd. Remember that!

Anyways, my horrendous life started in the northern parts of San Francisco, CA. I'm Half Italian, then Scottish, British, and American (no shit!) I didn't start with an easy life, so throughout my childhood I drew pictures and had my own little fantasy worlds to get away from it all. Going outside and playing was close to going outside and getting it was better just to stay inside! I now live Cottonwood (Hicktown), CA...300 miles from my start. I am obsessed with music and have wanted to start a band for about 6 years now...still havn't found the right people though. When you live in a town with 200 people, over 75% of them in-bred...there's not much variety except for the fresh blood that comes in.

So, anyway, as for my interests which I've covered most of them already, my biggest obessesion is music which I've stated. I listen to everything, literally. And I've been singing for...I don't know how many years and I like to play keyboard (no, not the synth kind of junk.) I write my own lyrics a lot to express myself through words, and I draw a hell of a lot. If that whole music thing doesn't work I'm gonna be a cartoonist or something like that and draw comics. Music and art are the two things I've actaully been good at in my life! You should see me do a math problem and how -not- interested and well I am at's scary. Try dividing 35897.895 into 68632.433 for starters....scared yet? I am!!!! And I'm not stupid...I just am so into artsy things I suck at everything

And just to add on...I'm not your average teenage girl who is extremely centered on being in a relationship and is "like, OMG, Jared is sooo hottt!!!" kind of girl. I don't even want one really...and I find that I don't know just not very average. So many people are centered on it, it's almost sad. They could be doing soo many other things besides trying to think of what thier "partner" is thinking. And I'm not asexual...I'm bi, and I know with "stereotypical" world out there we're labeled as always being in a relationship because of access to both men and women...I'm living proof that's not true and proof of defeating a lot of other stupid stereotypes like that. Stereotypes are really one of the worst things humans created in thier little minds.

Anyway...since I was bored out of my mind and wrote all that, now you know what it's like to know me. Barely. Feel free to PM me...I come off really bizarre but I like talking to different people...remember...I don't really know many with the small world I live in!


  • IWannaSaveYourHeart

    hey you sound really kool...i didnt read all of what u wrote (heehee)...byt yeah i think we sound alike

    IWannaSaveYourHeart, October 20th, 2007 at 10:50:16am

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