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Maegan Porter
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Member since November 1st, 2006


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Hello! My name is Maegan Porter(no relation to Kalan)I grew up in Iroquois Falls, Ontario, until moving to big bad Ottawa in 2002.I speak French, i'm learning Japanese and Spanish...which is proving to be very difficult. I love laughing. One of my goals is to one day travel the world. I'm addicted to music...first and formost. It's my life and the reason i breathe everyday, I grew up around music and being form such a crappy ass's either listening, playing music or having sex, drinking and doing drugs.

Obviously, i chose music. Drawing, nature and animals come at a close second...Wink I play acoustic guitar and piano...and i'm trying to learn bass guitar and the drums...but i'm failing miserably. D:<

I have an older sister. We used to try and kill eachother...really. But now we are pretty decent with eachother. Applause for growing up please. lol I have a younger sister and brother as well...who are really my neice and nephew...don't ask. My sister...well yeah let's not go there.

I love downtown Ottawa,the music scene and drawing/painting. I would love to possibly one day be a make up artist on the side while I work on the road with bands, festivals etc. BUT at the moment I'm currently a college student in the Rec and Leisure Program then off to Music Industry Arts and so on...

I work in the music industry, i wont say where and as what for various reason. No i don't know the guys nor have i ever met them. So don't even ask.

I bus everywhere ...yay for the 173 and 95....U_U they both smell like piss and cleaning that works...i don't know

So i guess that's it. Later all.

XoxO Maegan ♥

NOTE TO INOers: Well recently, there has been a lot of talk about the band, someone doing this, someone being married...etc. I want to address this in my own way as I think it should be.

We all can't help but believe certain things when we hear them even if we know it probably isn't true. We also all know that pictures tell a thousand words BUT what we all SHOULD know and should always stand by are the guys. We ARE their army guys!
We are the people that should be backing them up and protecting them.
We are the people that support them no matter what.
We are the people that love them despite the haters,teenies,rumors and whatever else. We are the people that wait hours in line for tickets and for concerts, that help eachother up when someone goes down in the mosh, that wait even longer in the cold and rain to say a simple thank you to one of the boys as they rush out of the venue so they can catch a bit of sleep before moving to another city to make more fans happy and possibly save more lives.
WE are the people that make what they do worth it as they have said hundreds of times.
WE ARE their fans, and we should not be falling prey to the enemy when they try to break through the shield we fans have set up around the guys. Believe only what MCR says, I have said that from the very beginning and i will say it until the day i no longer have to. I may get ruffled a bit when i hear something but i never take it heart unless it came from the mouths of Bob, Gerard, Frank, Ray and Mikey. I know it's hard but believe in them and they'll never stop believing in us...words straight from Gerard's mouth. Stay strong guys... We are the MCRmy and WE FUCKING ROCK!


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