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Blazing Raven

Blazing Raven
Preston, England

Member since November 7th, 2006


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Likes: MUSIC! playing the guitar (not well), my mates, my cat n lots of other stuff but I would be here all day if I listed it all, and besides you probably don't want to read it anyway
Hates: Maths, with a vengence! Also wannabes n people who treat you like dirt just because you look and dress a certain way. I hate those people!!!
Hmmmmmmmmm... Ill have 2 try and find a good pic of me 4 my photo. An impossible search...
For some reason, and I don't know if anyone else agrees with me but i find soft Irish accents on guys 1 of the sexiest things. That and my thing for Italian guys is what I have been told is my fetish. Ha! What do they know!?
I'm really quiet around people I don't know and adults but once I get to know you, you will find out I am one of the craziest and most random people you will ever meet!
I have longish chestnutty coloured hair (there really is no good way to describe the colour but i am in the process of pleading with my mad parents to let me dye it black. I would just do it anyway but i really dont want to have my guitars confiscated again), blue eyes, im 5''2 1/2 (the half matters!), size 8 and very pale thanks to living in one of the coldest and wettest places in England (no actually the world)
Me n my mates Emz and Grace and possibly emz boyf dave, r planning 2 go on a trip 2 Amsterdam when we leave school and are all over 18 just because we can really. Not quite sure why we picked Amsterdam but we r all going 2 get drunk from sitting in a bath of vodka! Again im not sure why but it would have to be a bloody big bath!


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