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I'm gonna change it a bit so keep on looking Wink

Jessies POV:
I went to the garge where the band I'm in plays when we have time. We call us Delicious Death cuz we all think that life sucks and evrything's a living hell. The first song we play is Fall At Your Feet by Busted. After a half an hour of rehearsal we went home to me.
"Hello" my mom says when we get in
"Hey mom" I said to her
Then we went down to my room, which is in the basement, and the basement is big so my room is quite big. I put on From First To Last cuz we all like them. But after a while we turned on My Chemical Romance, and my cellphone started to play that silly signal I always had. I took up my cellphone and answerd
"Hey it's Sonny"
"Hey Sonny what's up?"
"Nothing at the moment, I just wanted to ask if it's okay if me and Matt comes over to your place?"
"We're at your place about 5 minutes"
"Okay Sonny see yah soon"
He hungs up and I look at Mya who heard it all, she stares at me and then she asks cuz she's curious.
"Who was that? Who's on their way?"
"It was Sonny. And he and Matt is coming"
"Okay. Matt what a hott name."
"I know he's awsome and hott."

Sonnys POV:
Me and Matt were on our way home to Jessie. And as usual I take the other door so I wont bother her mom. I knock on the door and Jessie opens and says hi I said hi back. And one of her friends stared at Matt, but he doesn't seem to notice it so I whisperd to him
"Do you see that girl over there? She's staring at yah"
He blushed right away. So I decided to ask Jessie what her name was. I walked over to her and layed my arm around her and asked
"What's her name?" I said and pointed at her
"Her name is Mya." she answerd
"Okay, I'm gonna tell Matt. Cuz I think she likes him already."
I walked back to Matt and I sat down next to him. He was thinking. He was so deep in his thost that I yelled his name and then he looked at me and I could tell him what her name was.
"Her name is Mya."
"Mya, so beautiful.."
He walked over to her and I could see their smiling faces. And suddenly they started to talk. I was sitting near them so I heard what they talked about. It was kind of like "can I get your number?" and "can we meet on friday night?". They're planning a date and suddenly they came over to me and asked
"Do you wanna go on a dubbel date?" Mya asks
"Sure but with who?"
"We thot that you could go with Jessie, but just as friends of course" Matt said
"I'll ask her"
So I went over to her and I stood in front of her and I whisperd in her ear
"Matt and Mya wants us to go on a dubbel date as friends. Do you want to?"
"Sure why not?" she whisperd back and I turned around and said to Mya and Matt
"We're going with yah"
"Yes" they said

Matts POV:
Hell yeah, I got a date with Mya. We're going out on a dubbel date with Sonny and Jessie. So we went home and changed clothes and fixed our hair and then we picked up Jessie and Mya who looked really hott. We went to a resturant which had good food. And we all ate the almost the same thing.
"Jessie what are you thinking about?" I asked cuz he was kind of in her own world
"No nothing I just saw a guy walk on by the window and stoped and stared at me. He looked like Gerard in My Chemical Romance. But that must be my imagination." she said
"Okay, we can hope it was him."
"Yeah" Sonny said
"Matt what are you up to tonight?" Mya asked
"Nothing why do you wonder?"
"Cuz I wanna sleep over at your place.." she blushed
Oh my god did she just said that she wants to sleep over at my place. Sweet man!
"Sure" I answerd
She smiled and when I just was going to say something she leaned against me and kissed my lips. I was stunned, I couldn't move I was kind of frozen. I kissed her back and she smiled so much that all of us smiled. When we were finished we leaved and went home. Jessie was the first one who we droped off.
"Bye Sonny, Matt and Mya."
Then we continued and droped off Sonny who just waved. Then we came to my house and we went inside. And when we got inside we went to my room and we layed down in my bed and I layed my arms aroud her and held her tight agaisnt my body. It was hot in my room so after a while I took off my shirt and once again I layed my armed around her and held her tight against my body. Then she turned around and looked into my eyes and I just couldn't help myself. She's so beautiful so I kissed her and she kissed me back and after a while we felled asleep.

Myas POV:
This morning I woke up next to Matt, yeah he in From First To Last. I gotta thank Jessie for this. Allright, I'm in Matts house and I've been sleeping next to him. WONDERFUL! He woke up a few minutes after me and he looked at me and he said
"Good morning gorgeous!"
"Good morning babe" I said to him
He got dressed and we went out to the kitchen and ate some breakfast. We sat there quiet and no one said a thing, I looked at him and then on the watch and I realized that I got to work. And I said
"Matt I'm late for work"
"Don't worry I'll give you a ride." he said
Then after we ate we ran out to the car and he drove me to work. When I got there I saw that they were already working. I ran in and said
"I'm sorry if I'm late!"
"No worry Mya." Jessie said
I waved to Matt who went to Sonny. My cellphone vibrated and I looked and I had a unread text message and it was from Matt I just thot "What does he want now?" and I started to read it "Hey babe, just wanted to say that I'm going on tour next week and I'll be away for a while.. bye" I read it once again and I got a little sad and Jessie acendently saw it. And she walked over to me and asked
"What is it Mya?"
"Matt is going on tour next week."
"Aawh poor you Mya. I don't got a bf so I can't understand your feeling but I'm sure you feel that you're gonna miss him more than anything else"
We walked into the office and sat down and talked and then we went out to work again. And Sonny comes into the store and he's smiling, after a second Matt comes in and I ran to him and puted my arms around him. We kissed and then Sonny said
"Is Jessie here?"
"Yeah she's in the office." I pointed at the office door
He went over and knocked and then he walked in. I got curious so I asked Matt what he wanted to say to Jessie
"He just wanted to say good bye and give her a present. As he used to, they've done it for ages."
"What does she get from him?"
"She gets a necklace with a picture of him in it so she can have her best friend near her."
"Aawh so cute."
"I knew you would say that so here you are." he gave me a present and I opened it and it was a necklace with a picture of him in it and I got stunned but happy at the same time
"Now you can't miss me when I'm on tour"
"But promise that you'll call sometimes."
"I promise."
Then Sonny came out and he yelled
"Come Matt we gotta go."
Matt said good bye and then he went out to Sonnys car and they drove away.

Gerards POV:
I was taking a nap and I had some lovely music on. Mikey and Frank were somewhere in the house, Bob and Ray is talking about our next tour. I got a little pissed cuz I didn't get my nap so I went out for a walk. I walked by the cd store and thot that I could look after a good cd so I walked in and there she was that girl I saw at that resturant I walked by last night. So she works here? Terrific! I can ask her out or invite her home to me. Wait what am I thinking? Is it a good or bad idea? Hmm... I'll ask her out. So I walked over to her and she looked at me and I said
"Hi!" she smiled
"What are you doing tonight?"
"Nothing, taking a nap or two."
"So you kind of got time?"
"So...Do you wanna go out with me?"
She blushed and she smiled and said
"Sure." and then she looked at her watch "Oh we're gonna close the store now."
"Uhm.. Do you wanna come home to me? After you closed the store."
"Yeah sounds better than going home to a empty apartment."
"Great" I knew my smile was so big but she smiled to.
Then after she closed the store we started to walk against my house. And while we were walking I noticed that i haven't asked her what her name was
"What's your name?"
"Jessica, but they call me Jessie. They say it fits me more."
"Okay.. Jessie. Nice"
"And your name is..?"
"Gerard" I paused "Gerard Way"
"I know the singer i My Chemical Romance"
She knew I was in a band and she knew the name of the band to. Yes! We came closer my house and when we got in the guys were standing there cuz I think they saw us coming.
"So who's this gorgeous lady?" Frank asked and he kind of blushed
"Yeah who's she?" Mikey asked
"This is Jessica but she's called Jessie."
"Oh yeah it's her from the cd store." Frank said
"Yeah, did you find the cd you wanted?"
"Not yet but I'm searching!" he laughed

Franks POV:
Why didn't Gerard say that he was going to bring that gorgeous lady home? I've seen her before in the cd store where she works. We all sat in the living room and we talked about loads of stuff and then we noticed her necklace.
"Nice necklace" I said
"Thanks I got it from my friend Sonny. He's the singer in From First To Last."
"So do you have a boyfriend?" Mikey asked
"No I don't" she said
"WHAT!?" I almost yelled "You're so hott. How can you possibly be single?"
"I dunno." she looked at me "But I don't care."
I felt my heart beat faster and I realized that I've fell in love with her. And evrything felt like it was going in slowmotion. I just couldn't think! Mikey noticed that I was kind of in my own world and he whisperd
"What is it with you Frank?"
I looked at him and swallowed
"I think I'm love"
"With..." he said and looked at Jessie
"Oh.. You gotta tell Gerard."
Only the thot of tellling him made me nervous. But after a while I decided that I was going to tell Gerard so I grabbed his arm and draged him into the kitchen and he got mad and said
"Dude I gotta talk to yah" I said
"About what?"
I blushed
"About Jessie.."
"Okay? What is it with her?"
"It's.... I'm... Uhm... I'm in love with her."
"Please don't get mad Gerard"
"I won't. But I don't mind that you're in love with her. I respect that."
He didn't yell at me! That's not Gerard! Well I can atleast make an impression on her now when he knows it. So we walked back to the living room and the guys were looking at us and I looked at Jessie and she looked at me. My heart beated faster and faster so when I sat down it slowed down a bit so I could talk. And I got a brilliant idea, I could ask her if she wanted to stay for the night. So I looked at her and I asked
"Yeah what is it?"
"Do you wanna sleep here tonight?"
She looked at me and she smiled and blushed then she said
"Yeah why not?"
We looked at each other and then we went to my room and we both felled asleep in my bed.

Jessies POV:
I woke up in a bed and I was in a house I just reconized and someone was laying next to me. I turned around and there was Frank. For a second I paniced but then I watched him sleep, he looks so cute. But then he woke up and looked at me with his tierd eyes and then he sat up and looked at me again and I kissed him. We puted on some clothes and went to the kitchen and there the other guys were, they looked at us and it was like they waited for us to say something to them. We sat down and suddenly Mikey says:
"So finally you're here"
"Yes, we're here" Frank says
"Frank you know we're going on tour next weekend" Gerard says to Frank
Then Frank looks at me and then he says
"What about Jessie and her friends?"
"They can come with us" Gerard smiles big
Then I asked how many I could bring and Gerard said three. So I choosed Mya and then I asked Gabriel and Luke. And the next weekend we were on a bus to one of the places where they were going to play.
"Oh god, how many times have this happened to a normal girl?" Mya was hyper
"I dunno..." I said
Then Gabriel puted his arm around me and Frank came and somehow I stood up and I was looking in his eyes and then I said
"Rock their asses"
And then he went on stage and the four of us stood on the side and looked at 'em. And Frank really rocked their asses off! Ray too od course. Mya and I were dancing at the side of the stage. Luke and Gabriel just stood there but finally they let go and started to dance a bit. Then at the end of the concert I felled asleep in the bus. Then I felt someone lay down next to me. Then I heard someone whisper "I rocked their asses off"

Sonnys POV:
God I hate mondays. Always the same thing. Wake up, rehearsal and then sleep a few minutes. I really miss Jessie though. I usally miss her a bit but this time i mis her alot. I can't have a crush on her. It can't be. I just want to talk with someone but who? Matt probably but he misses Mya way too much. He sends loads of textmessages to her. And he says her name a thousand times a day. Weird. But right now I don't feel like talking I just wanna sleep. God I really hate MONDAYS!

Mikeys POV:
Tuesdays are the worst days ever! Nah just kiddning. Sundays are worst. Last night Mya must have got a thousand textmessages from Matt. Which I think is her boyfriend. Frank is dating Jessie, but somehow it doesn't seems to go nowhere at all. I don't wanna be mean. Gerard has been down and I can't figure out why. And Frank is way too happy and he's afraid of loosing Jessie. But last night I saw Frank making out with another girl. And she wasn't Jessie. I really dunno what to do. All I know is that Jessies heart is gonna be broken into thousands of pieces. Poor her. But still I'm the one who evryone should L-O-V-E!! No not really. Sonny has sent Jessie six textmessages and one mesage with a picture of him and Matt. That pic was funny though. But anyway, Jessies heart is going to be broken soon. Well I hope she takes it. I went down and Jessie was already in tears and I sat down next to her and asked
"What is it Jess?"
"You r-really wanna know?" her eyes was red from crying and her make-up was destroyed.
"Yes I wanna know"
"Well last night I actually falled in love with Frank. But then when I was going to fix my make-up..." she cries "I saw him making out with another girl"
She knew it...
"Come here Jess" I huged her and she cried and then Gerard came
"What's happened here?"
"It's about Frank"
"You mean.....?"
"Does she know?"
"Fuck! He's screwed and he isn't home yet" Gerard paused "Well.. I think she has to sleep. By the way where is she going to sleep?"
"She can sleep in your bed"
"Why? Nah she can sleep in your bed. She seems to like yah"
I look at Jessie and she was sleeping on me. And I just look and Gerard and then I said
Then I carried her to my bed and she took my fave pillow and huged it. Then I walked to the living room and Frank had just got home. And he didn't noticed me. Untill I sat down in the sofa. He looked at me and then he asked
"Is Jessie here?"
"Yes she is"
"Well you don't need to tell her that you made out with another girl."
"She saw you Frank"
"Where is she?"
"She's sleeping in my bed. And by the way I don't think you're gonna get more hugs from her."
That was the last thing I said before I went into my room and laid down next to Jessie and huged her.

Jessies POV:
I hate him! I fucking hate him! I don't wanna see his face I don't wanna hear his voice I just wanna be with my mate Sonny!! I took my cellphone and called him when I woke up. Mikey was already in the kitchen making breakfast.
"Hey Sonny. It's Jessie"
"What's up Jess?"
"He's a jackass.....Frank.... made out... with.... another....... girl!!"
"He did? Oh god! How could he? Are they at their home now?"
"Ok. I'm coming!"
"Thanks mate... seeya soon"
"Bye Jess"
We hung up and then I walked out to the kitchen and there was Mikey my saviour in the bad times. He had made me a cup of tea. How did he knew that I liked tea? Frank must have told him. Did I just think of Frank? Shit! I did! Then someone knocked on the door. And Gerard opened the door and he let someone in. And then that person cam into the kitchen and there he was. My mate Sonny.
"SONNY!!" I ran to him and huged him
"Jess" he huged me back
"I missed yah soo much" I cried a bit
"Easy peasy! I'm here now"
He huged me and then he looked at Mikey
"How do you know that she likes tea?"
"Uhm.. The one that we shouldn't mention told me"
"Allright! Well Jess are you coming with me after your breakfast?"
"OK, Mikey is it ok if I'm here untill she's finished?"
"Yeah sure"

[b]Sonnys POV:[/b9
We started to walk agaist my house. And when we got inside my house we went straight to my sofa and sat there for five minutes without saying a thing. Then she said
"I can't hate him. But I can feel hurt by him."
then tears came down from her eyes. She looked at me and her eyes was red.
"Jess, give me a hug"
and she huged me
"Take it easy sweetie. I'm allways here for you. You know that."
"I know, but at this moment it feels like I'm not worth a thing."
Then she huged me harder and more tears came down from her beautiful eyes.
"Jess, you're worth more than a iPod or whatever it is."
"No one loves me..."
"Someone loves you"
"I love you"
I really meant those words. And somehow she made my heart beat faster. And I couldn't understand why I felt so freaking nervous. Anyway she's so cute. But now she's messed up by him. Frank. He made out with another girl on a friday night after a gig. Well he wasn't drunk so why did he dumped her?
"I love you man" she said to me

Franks POV:
Shit! She's pissed! It wasn't my fault that the girl kissed me. Or was it my fault? I gotta get her back. But how? I gotta ask Mikey where she is right now.
He wasn't in the kitchen but he was in the living room. I walked over to him and he looked at me. He seemed to be a bit angry of me to.
"Do you know where Jessie is?"
"Yes but I don't think she wants to see you"
I looked at Mikey
"And how do you know that?"
"I comforted her last night and she slept in my bed. And Sonny picked her up this morning."
"FUCK" I shouted really loud
"Call first. She might be really pissed."
I took the phone and called Sonny. He didn't answer. So I tried again and then he answerd
"Hey it's FranK"
"Hey Frank. What's up?"
"Not much but is Jessie there?"
"Yes but she doesn't wanna speak with you. Or about you."
"I'm screwed"
"Yes Frank you're screwed"
"Well thanks anyway"
we both hung up and I went to my room and I actually started to cry. My make-up got destroyed but who cares now? When Jessies gone nothing can make me happy. Not even another girl.

Jessies POV:
"So um... Have you spoke to Frank yet?" Gerard asks me as soon as we got out.
"No.. Not yet.. Or..." I said to him
"What?" he looks at me
"I can't talk to him.. or I just don't wanna talk to him."
"It can't be that bad."
We walk over to a bench and we sat down and he lays his hands on my shoulders and says
"You two have to talk. He hasn't been out since you two broke up."
I looked at him and I actually got tears in my eyes. And then I started to cry a bit. And then I hear Gerard say
"Well I can call Frank and ask if he wants to talk about it. I really think you two could need a talk."
"Ok.. You're right Gerard."
He takes up his phone and calls Frank.
"Hey it's Gerard"
"Hey Gee"
"What are you doing tomorrow?"
"Um.. Nothing."
"Great. Um.. Jessie wants to have a talk with you."
"Okay.. Well tell her that she can come over tomorrow. Anytime she want."
"Allright! Well bye.."
He hungs up and looks at me
"Okay you two can talk tomorrow and you can come over to him anytime you want."
"Ok.. Thank you Gerard."
I hug him and then he walks me home and when we stand by the door and he says good bye and when he turns his back, I just grab his arm and he looks at me and I just kiss him. And then he walks home.

Franks POV:
Geez! I don't wanna go up. Or wait Jessie's coming today. Um... there's my pants and shirt but where's my fucking tie?! Oh there it is. Uhoh! Was that the doorbell? I went down and opened the door and there she was, Jessie.
"Hey.." she said when I opened the door.
"Hey.. Come in"
She walks in and takes off her shoes and jacket and then she sits down in my sofa. And I sits down next to her and I'm just looking at her and then she asks me
"Why did made out with that girl?.."
"Well um.. You're gonna hate me for this.. but.. I don't know why I made out with that girl, but she started ok.."
"How do I know if it's true?" I looked at him
"Well.. If it means something to you... I haven't been outside that door for 2 weeks now. And when that girl just attacked me.. I tried to get her off me and then after you walked by I got her off me and I ran after you but then I went home when I noticed you went to Gee and the others and I got scared."
She looked down and then she looked up and said
"You know what? I believe you"
When I heard that I really didn't know what to do but then I huged her and she huged me back. And I just had to ask
"Um.. Are we going to start dating again? Or are we going to pick up where it all ended..?"
"Can I think about it untill tomorrow?"
"Well I gotta go now..."
"See yah tomorrow then"
"Yeah... Bye"

Jessies POV:
Omg! Did I just give Frank a second chance? No! Stupid me!! Well well what can I do now? He can atleast try to make me fall for him again. But I don't know if I wanna fall in love with him again and I don't know if I wanna get together with Gee either. I feel like I'm gonna die! Anyway, I'm on my way home, on my way to my bed so I can cry. I think I'll send Gerard a mail and another mail to Frank. Or whatever. I got home and I walked over to my computer and turned it on. And then I started to write a mail to Frank
Hey Frank
um.. I just wanted to say that I think I'll give you a second chance but
we're not picking up where we ended. I hope you don't get mad at me
for saying this. I just.... Don't know if I wanna get together again with you.
But just try to show me that you've changed and that you care. And um...
I'm leaving town for a week. I'm visiting my family.

XOXO Jessie....

I read it and then I sended it. And then I called my mum to say that I'm coming home for a week.
"Hey mum"
"Hey Jessie. How are you?"
"I'm great. Um.. By the way I'm coming home for a week. Can't take the drama here anymore."
"Okay. When are you coming?"
"On sunday night."
"Allright. And oh.. There was this guy asking after you."
"Who was it?"
"It was a long guy, no one special I think"
"Okay. But now you know. Well see you on sunday night then."
"Yeah! Bye bye"
I hung up and smiled. Tomorrow I'm going home.

Gerards POV:
I was sleeping and I was dreaming to when Frank ran into my room saying
he was screaming and I looked at him and I told him to say it once again but slower.
I jumped up and stared at Frank.
Then Frank went down and out to the garage. And I got dressed and ran down and out to the garage where I founded Frank crying. He looked at me and his eyes were so red. His make-up wasn't so beautiful as it used to. Frank sat there staring at something. He didn't say a thing. And suddenly he looked at the clock on the wall and he said
"Now she's on the plane away from me."
And then he started to cry again.

Jessies POV:
I got to my hometown late at night. My mum picked me up and we went to our house. Evrything was as it was when I left. When we got home I just ran in and sat down in the sofa. And then I falled asleep. Next morning I wake up and I look at my laptop and I just wanted to check my mail and I had one message from Frank and one from Gee. I clicked on Franks first.

Hello Jess!
How's it there? Fun?
Um... I just wonder how long you're gonna be there.
You know I miss you. Can't stand the lonliness. But
I understand if you want someone else than me. I'm
an ashole, but I'm in love woth you and that's what
I wanted to say.

Love Frank.

I read it and I replied

Hey Frank!
Well I'm gonna be here for one week. So you wanna get
together with me? You have to try better than this Frank.
Who knows what might happen here. Yeah you're an ashole
Frank. Cuz you cheated on me!! Well just figure out another
way to make me fall for you.

XOXO Jessie

I clicked send and then it disappeard over to Frank. And then I clicked on Gerards mail and I thinked "Yay mail from gee Very Happy"

Hi Jessie!
How are you? Good I guess Razz?
We're going on tour and we're coming to your hometown
and I'm wondering if we'll meet you there?
I miss you Jessie. Really much, this morning I woke up
and I actually shouted your name but then I remeberd you
were on a vaction. Hah! Am I crazy or what? xD
Well have fun!

Love your crazy Gerard

Finally a great and funny message. I read it once again and then I replied

Hey Gee!
Yeah I'm good! And you?
Sure I'll come but when's the concert?
Nawh! You miss me? I miss you too Gee!
You shouted my name? Cool Very Happy
Yeah you're crazy.

XOXO Jessie

And once again I clicked the send button. And the message flew away as a paper in the city. Then the doorbell rang and I just couldn't figure out who it could be.

James P.O.V:
I rang the doorbell at her house and she opened the door really quick and she looked at me and said
"Hey!" and then she smiled at me
"Hey Jess!" we huged each other
"Come in"
I walked in and took of my jacket and shoes. And then we went up to her really boyish room. When we got in to her room, we just sat down on her bed. And we started to talk about how it was in New Jersey and so on. And then I asked her
"Do you want to go on that MCR concert this weekend?"
She smiled at me and huged the same time as she said
"Of course I want to go on that MCR concert!"
And then she asked
"Do you want to sleep over untill the concert?"
"Of course, why not?" I said
and then I looked at my cellphone to check what the clock was and it was around 9-10. And then I noticed that it was only one day untill the concert so I said it to Jessie who got really exited. But then she asked me
"Do we got tickets to the concert?"
"Yes, I got them from my job."
She smiled and jumped.
Then later we went to bed and we just lied there and talked.
"I think it's gonna be fun tomorrow." I said
"Yeah, and I know how we can meet the band." she giggeld
"How?" I asked her
"I know the band, so I can just send a textmessage to Gerard and he'll give us backstage passes."
"Cool!" I smiled
And then we felled asleep (not in the same bed of course).

Gerards P.O.V:
We've just arrived to Jessies hometown and it was lovely. I really liked it. And we got to the place where we were gonna sleep and we packed up our stuff. And then we played cards untill the clock was eight and then we puted on our stage clothes and we puted on our make up. And then we went out and did the soundcheck before the crowd got in. And we sat in the loge and waited untill they said that we could get up on stage and suddenly I get this text message from Jessie.
"Hey Gee! I'm at the concert and I'm at the first row in the big crowd sea. And I wonder if you can fix backstage passes for me and my friend James? xOxO Jessie"
I read it and then I fixed the backstage passes and i puted them in the pocket and then we went out on stage. We started with out song Mama. Evryone sang along, even Jessie and James. And then after four - five songs I just said
"Damn! I've never seen a crowd like this before.." I paused "and now I want to give my friend Jessie these two backstage passes." I bended down and gave her them and she said thank you. And then we played more songs and when we played Disenchanted, I saw Jessie and James kiss each other and I saw the expression in Franks face. And then around midnight when the concert ended, Jessie and James comes in to the loge and she looks at me with a smile. And then she looks at Frank and then she looks at the floor. I wonder what will happen now?....

Franks P.O.V:
There she stood with that dude called James. I can't believe she already has a new guy and already forgotten about me. Damn.. I think I'm gonna cry now or soon. I looked at Jessie or Jessica, as her name is, and she looked back and smiled and it was kind of like stabbing my heart. I have never felt like this before and I dunno why it happens now and just because of Jessica.. I walked over to Gerard and I grabed his arm and draged him to the other side of the room to talk with him.
"Is she trying to make me jealous?" I asked as soon we got to the other side of the room
"No, she's not" he said quickly
"So who's that dude?" I asked
"That's her mate James. And there's nothing going on between them." he paused and looked at me "Do you wanna talk to Jessie alone? Cuz I can talk to her if you want me to.."
"Okay.." I kind of like smiled a bit "Thank you Gee"
He walked over to her and after a little while James and Gee walked out of the room and left me and Jessie alone. And she walked over to me and looked me into my eyes and I could see in her eyes that she knew what I was gonna say and she asked
"You really want me back. Don't you?"
"Y-y-yes...." I just stared down on the floor and kind of like felt a bit ashamed
"I just want you to know. There's nothing going on between me and James. And it's because of..." her eyes got full of tears
"Because of what?" I asked
"It's just because of that I've been thinking of you all the time. I've really missed you. And.. and.. I think I love you..." she looked down and then she looked at me and I huged her and she huged me back and then we laied down in the sofa and after a few minutes she stoped crying and felled asleep and then she made me tierd so I felled asleep to.

Jessies back with Frank
Gee is single

Keep on reading cuz there will be more
charaters Wink



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