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Rachel Doesn't Agree

Rachel Doesn't Agree
England [Home Of Zee Beatles]

Member since November 14th, 2006



Well, I thought I'd fill this out.

I make way too many icons when I get around to it

I live in a kind of major city, but nevertheless want to leave it. I want to be a music journalist, but deep down inside I know I want to make a living out of music. No, not for fame or money or anything stupid like that, it's just one of the things that's most important in my life.

Some stupid guys in school have decided it'd be funny to name me RacEmo Toro. Yes, apparently if you are classed as an emo kid with curly hair, you look like Ray Toro *facepalm*. I don't have Ray hair! It's longer, and mine's got dyed red in it.

I'm still convinced Gerard pointed at me, even if he was being blinded by stage lights, I saw eye contact! [mmhmm, I'll just keep on telling myself that]

I can get pretty randomly weird at times, and make a complete ass out of myself, so I apologise.

I'm the artistic music freak at school who doesn't fit in with her friends and has no intentions of changing herself just to fit in with them [thanks to Gee].

Anyhow, I'm gonna stop now.




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