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Herts, England

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Ok, so i guess i haven't been a fan of MCR for as long as some of you guys have. The reason being i first heard of them when The Black Parade came out. Welcome To The Black Parade was the first song i heard of theirs, when i saw the video, and i still remember that day because since then i have been a massive fan of the band. As soon as i had listened to that song, i downloaded it and from that moment, i was obsessed. I proceeded to try and find out everything i could about the band, and then i joined INO. They were addictive because i couldnt stop reading about them and researching them. I became such a big fan in a really short space of time.
That was over a year ago. I got The Black Parade album for christmas, and last January i bought the Revenge album and the Life on the Murder Scene dvd, which i have watched FAR too many times Wink I was compelled by their story, and Gerard Way soon became my idol. I admire him so much for everything he's been through.
So although i can't say that i've been a fan since the beginning, or that 'MCR saved my life', i can safely say that i am as big a fan as any other, and that i dont love them any less than other fans.
I always thought that i'd never see the band live, it just seemed too out of reach. But i finally got to see them on November 15th 2007 at the 02 arena in London. My first MCR gig. It was amazing and something i'll never forget...and i hope i'll get to see them again someday!


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