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New Jersey

Member since November 19th, 2006




I've pretty much left INO now, but occasionally I come back to bum music off people or things of that nature. If you were wondering, I just got kind of tired of all the anxiety and drama. And being totally honest, objective, and pity-party free, I don't think anyone misses me. Just as a general observation.

I've been down with Harry Potter since I was ten and got a copy of Death Hallows signed by Mary Grand Pré because I'm just that baller. I'm an enormous dork (if you couldn't tell) and don't have too many friends. My tastes / interests / mental health are pretty standard, especially for INO. I'm not very good at anything and spend a lot of time worrying about the fact that I'm useless to the world. Which really just makes things worse, don't you think? I don't like to work and I don't like to think of my life past 2010, which is when Lost ends. Even then, I only consider things very vaguely.

My room is always a mess but all my files are meticulously organized. I find mundane tasks much easier to deal with than reality. I don't really like talking to people as I am terrible at it, even though I spend a lot of time thinking up with conversations over various things, often between fictional characters. I live in my head. Sort of really all the time. It's been getting kind of sucky up here, though, so lately I like to sleep more. That's basically it. There isn't that much to me, to be honest. Uh, I love Cadbury chocolate, I'm fairly narcissistic, and I both loathe and fear parking in parking lots. Fin.
Yes, I still like MCR. They didn't save my life or help me through depression or anything of that sort. But they make me happy, and there will always be a place for them on my hard drive and in my heart.
Yeah,_________________Feel like every chance to leave
I'm_________________is another chance I should have took.
addicted_________________Every minute is a mile,
to______________________I've never felt so hollow.
Brand___________I'm an old abandoned church with broken pews
New.______________________and empty aisles.


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