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English Rose

English Rose
Boring, rainy ol' England!

Member since November 21st, 2006


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I don't like adding randoms so get to know me 1st


~ My INO & Mibba wifey's: Blue & Bella ~ <3 In Love
~ My INO & Mibba hubby: House Master Way & Tom ~ <3 Naughty
~ My INO & Mibba girlfriend's: Eryn & Tink ~ <3 Winkiss
~ My INO twin: ZOMBIE. ~

House Master Way:
Don't mind the two pervs Em and Blue. They're having excess libido today for all we know.

Teehee! Tehe I always have excess libido Mister Way! Naughty

69, Gerard Way?
Awww man I'd so wanna live there! Naughty
Although I would stretch to 69 Mikey Way! Very Happy
^ Man that could be taken more than one way...ahh what the hell I meant it both ways! Naughty

House Master Way:
thanks em. i missed you too. tell you what, youre the only person in this thread thats so high spirited and you make me smile everytime i see you here. Smile

House Master Way:
i'm the heart, blue's the soul and you're the lungs for this thread to breathe.

House Master Way:
i love you, youre like, my inner cheerleader Tehe
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs:
Mr. Green Awesome...I love buttercream!!! Nyam
Dude so not only do I get Starbuck but I get buttercream too!!! Tehe
lmfao That could so be taken the wrong way! Naughty

^ Me talking about the cake we're getting for Gee's birthday with the NIA posse! Cool

Teenage Dirtbag.:

He may change his mind, when he finally opens his eyes and sees that beautiful, talented and amazing gal in front of him.

Mary Freakshow:
When Em was born...
God knew the world would be good again.


The following poem is written for me by the best goddamn person in the whole entire universe...Blue!!! Cool She pwns all your ass's...don't you ever forget that!!! Evil or Very Mad & I FUCKING LOVE HER SO FUCKING MUCH IT'S UNTRUE!!! In Love

Apologetic Flowers.

Remember the days when we could define perfection?
Stay strong, you said.
Stay strong.

But there's no truth in our democracy
Just lie upon merciless lie.
And all you could do at the end of the day
Was send me apologetic flowers.

You're not so much a Romeo as a Casanova
But hang tight,
You're my spirit of this dying age.

Still, you're incorrect on many terms
But sanity? Don't even go there.
Please, please
Don't compare yourself to me.

I'm no genius.


This poem was written for me by the totally amazing Spikey!!! Yeah she's slightly crazy (Tehe) but she's awesome & I LOVE HER LOTS & LOTS & LOTS!!!! In Love

Ten Thirty Heroine.

Starlight requiem behind Harrington Manor.
A radio blares during our late night masquerade.
But who pressed play? Who? Who?
Who cares, lets get the ball rolling.

Divine phenomenon; breathe in deeply
Night time angel, star of the night
Train tickets to nowhere - nowhere with you.
But cheep return is all I'll ever deserve.

It's fickle fuschia, let down your façades
Sing sweet heavens; claustrophobic hearts and fabric souls.
Thrift store compassion and soap opera dramatics.
Epiphany by moonlight: how daringly cliché.

But don't you forget, you're my sweet serenity
Daylight struggles fade ultraviolet under these antique skies.
Whisper in my ear those sweet words I don't deserve to hear.
Champagne carvings of your face line these walls.

Stop and think: you're my ten thirty heroine.


Ok I'm not gonna ramble on for ages or spend forever typing about myself 'cause yeah it might be easier for you to read it all here but let's face it, I'm lazy & I don't wanna do that so if you really wanna know allllll about me then you can either go on my MySpace page (here), or my profile on (here), and then that way you can find out all about me and I can save myself a bit of time that I would of spent typing a load of shit none of you probably give a rats ass about anyway! lol

Oh, and I reccomend checking out both profiles if you're really *that* interested about me 'cause there's some stuff on both sites that aren't on the other! Also the link to my Mibba profile is here but that's just the same as this one because I'm lazy! haha! =P

Ooooh, and another thing if any of you are wondering about the whole 'Noodles' thing it's basically what my 3yr old sister calls me (gods knows why) so yea...oooh & she's a huge fan of Green Day & MCR aswell since she was like 1ish thanks to moi! lol


Oh & if anybody want's to use me in a story on Mibba or somewhere, here's my description that I copied & pasted from a story that I'm in! =D

Name: Emily (I've recently been nicknamed Smokey aswell! )
Height: 5'6
Eye colour: Light blue in centre & dark blue around the outside (yeah weird I know lol)
Hair colour: Dark brown with pink streaks & purple streaks (long and wavy-ish with a side fringe over my right eye but I straighten it A LOT!)
Piercings: Ears (one in each ear in basic place) and also tongue!
[b]Wears:[b] Black combats or skirts with leggings/band tees,stripy tops & bright tops with either a band hoodie or arm warmers/vans and sometimes converse and of course lotsa eyeliner!
Likes: Skittles, coffee, anything with sugar, reading (occasionally), playing drums & attempting guitar and bass
Hates: Chavs (infact I have an irrational phobia of them! lol), pop/rap/r'n'b music (basically anything that isn't rock), doing nothing, wannabes & confined spaces
Personality: I'm also slightly crazy & on a sugar high a lot of the time aswell as really random! Oh & I have a dirty mind! hehe! =P

If you do use me in a story though send me a message with a link to it so I can read it & also to let me know that I'm loved enough to be put into another story! =D

Oh & the Smokey nickname was given to me by Blue, but I was having a blonde day & couldn't figure out why, so Ema (myyp) said it was because I 'seem to be hyper all the time & Hyper=High=Smokey' so that is why I was nicknamed Smokey I guess! hehe! =P


My Comments on my pics:
Whoot finally new pics!! & I don't look like a poser in them! lol =D

#1:- *giggles* I only like this cause I look funny like a whore. & I like how my eyes look in it. =D

#2:- Lmao such a random background, but I like it cause it's one of the only pics I've taken from that side which I like. The rest I take from my 'good side'. =P

#3:- For some reason I think this makes me look like a whore (which I am but sshh), but I do kinda like it! lol =D

Sorry if I made you feel sick with my ugliness, hehe! *hugs*

=D x.x.x


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  • Avatar_dude vA

    Avatar_dude, February 6th, 2010 at 01:07:24pm

  • keep the faith.

    I miss you.

    You probably don't remember me but I miss you.

    keep the faith., February 10th, 2008 at 03:30:05am

  • a thousand suns.

    Emz. I miss you.

    a thousand suns., October 11th, 2007 at 11:26:26pm

  • Gerard Way.

    -packs luggage and goes for a worldwide search for Em-

    I miss you! ::cry:

    Gerard Way., September 12th, 2007 at 04:15:35pm

  • kinney.


    i miss you.

    kinney., September 8th, 2007 at 09:11:46pm

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