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My name's Coop

I am me.

I'm a Christian, I love Jesus with all my freakin heart, enough said so don't try to change my mind.

Next in line are my friends, who I love the absolute crap out of, so much that you have no idea...

I have two of the most gorgeous nephews in the world, everyone should love them :]

I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve Scrubs, I'd die if I ever met any of the actors...

I hate racism so much you can't even begin to imagine...

I'm shy, random, loud at the worst of times, I get paranoid and can be extremely unsocial, I'm scared of the dark and I don't like small animals, my biggest fear is of fish and I'm in love with Africa, photography is my passion and I think photoshop is the greatest thing to ever happen, along with tofu XD and that's me in a nutshell....

I wear a lot of black, true, but I'm not emo or goth or any other stupid label you can come up with for that matter, like my gorgeous Jessie says...I don't label myself so I don't feel the need to label others...ily Jessie XD

Some day Sierra and I are gonna move to Africa and we'll make a difference

Bit by bit we are killing our planet, our home, with our filthy excretions and CO2 emissions, it's true, we're all too lazy or so consumed in our greed and comfort to do anything about it, but the time to make a difference is now

Unlike most people I don't believe 'emo-ism' is a problem, I believe the problem is that adults and teenagers alike are too quick to jump to conclusions because of what someone wears or the music they listen to, sure there are emo's out there, but there are also people who wear black because its what appeals to them.
I love photography XD I love it even more with this girl XD

600 million children live in absolute poverty
300,000 children die each day to poverty
Number of children in the world: 2.2 billion
Number in poverty: 1 billion, that's every second child
400 million children, one in five, have no access to safe water
over 100 million children are growing up today without an education


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