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Rebeca Jimenez

Member since October 9th, 2005



I love music, it helps me out in my hard times and when im just bored.My fav band is mcr and will always be mcr.Im in drama but just looking at me u would not think so,alot of people actually think that im in art but i cant really draw. But im in love with someone that can. His name is nick and he is in art at my school, he is a great guy and an awesome artist.we have helped each other with our problems like doing something that only numbs the pain. I think that we are in it for the long run but I wil have to wait and see.I also would like to say that i love to read. so if you need someone to talk to I am always here to help someone yeah thats pretty much me! =-)........

yeah my life has considerably changed from then....i now know how much love could hurt and how it feels to have a broken heart......after a year and a month it all ended so quickly....then i tried to trust another but same shit yeah even though on the outside im smiling.....on the inside im screaming...but life goes on and time heals the pain!......


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