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Skeg Vegas

Member since December 1st, 2006


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General random...stuff

I cannot be labelled (I am unique! And speshal!!!!)

I have a healthy obsession with MCR

I get excited easily.

I get excited when I have coffee

I love coffee

Coffee makes me do strange things (it"s my drug!)


I seem a bit hyper when I"m on the internet but when you meet me in person, I"m very quiet and shy.

Once you become best friends with me , the shy goes away, and I"m a different person.

My MSN is

I have vampire teeth(how cool is that?!)

I have brown(ish reddish-I dyed it!), natually curly(yuk) hair

I have a brace which I absolutely hate!

I have browny eyes.

If you add me as a friend I'll probably accept, even if I don't know you!

If you want an argument with me about 'emo', fine by me!!! Except you Adam...your arguments are totally illogical (harhar, I used a big word!)

MissCandyK is my sister
Mosher Slasher is my mommy
Considering the vast family they both have, I probably have many many more unknown relatives!

-------/////////////----PUT THIS
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----------///----------HOME PAGE
----------------------Kurt Cobain

My Chemical Romance( They are my inspiration (Let me know if I"ve spelt that wrong!!) , and the concert was the best night ever!!!!).... Lostprophets.... Taking Back Sunday.... Billy Talent.... Paramore.... 30 seconds to mars... Madina Lake... The Misfits... Thursday(saw them at the concert and they were amazing!)... Avenged Sevenfold... Fall Out Boy... Panic!At The Disco... AFI... Aiden... Cute Is What We Aim For... Anything really that"s on Kerrang or Scuzz! ('cept Avril Lavigne-What the hell is going on with her….?

So true...
"Your going to come across a lot of shitty bands, and a lot of shitty people. And if anyone of those people call you names because of what you look like, or because they don"t accept you for who you are.I want you to look right at that motherfucker, stick up your middle finger, and scream FUCK YOU!" - Gerard Way

Gerard's best quote...EVER!
There's definatley a trashy x-rated vibe to our live set, mainly to put off homophobes...It's like aggressive, softcore gay porn. There's a little man love, maybe some smooching, definatley some crotch grabbing. I definitley used to fuck the monitors.'

If it looks like chicken, tastes like chicken, smells like chicken and feels like chicken, BUT Gerard Way says it's beef....then it's beef.

I liked MCR when 'Revenge' came out, but I was kinda young to really appreciate them....REALLY got into them when the Black Pararde came out...BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE ME A TEENIE...does it? I hope not.....................hate them bitches.................

.I like them for their music and the way that they help people everywhere by having a strong message throughout their musical career....Before I got into MCR I really had nothing to live for, but they inspired me and I wanna start my own band one day (crazy dreams!) They also introduced to a lot of other great music so.....for that I wanna thank them...................I dunno how I would get through each day otherwise, without knowing that I could turn on my headphones at night and everything'll be okay.....


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