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Hand In Mine.

Hand In Mine.
In my Pine Box.

Member since December 13th, 2006



Hi I'm Tom, and I hate writting about myself, now that we have that established, I can begin to describe myself to you, Im 14, 6"3 or 4, I have blond hair that is starting to curl at the back and is resembling a wanna-be mullet, but it's too short and poncy at the mo. I also have a really weird personality, dress sense, and choice in friends.

I eat chocolate, peanut-butter/vegemite/honey on toast (which is surprisingly nice), Light and Tasty breakfast cereal (ha ha, Beautifully Broken), protein shakes, and whatever else I come across at 5:45 in the morning, I am enjoying this as i have recently got rid of my braces and am able to consume normal food again.

I am the usual sort of emo, (even though I hate that term, but am always being associated with it) few freinds, not very sporty, and not one of "the boys and girls in the clique", I hate popularity and the trashy sluts that go with it, I am a Gerard Way fan


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