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Chemical Smoke.
Edward's couch. Jealous much?

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_____I Never Told You.Are you ready?


We're all the same, we're all sinners. We're all liars.I live for Frerard;

Existing. Unnoticed.

______Hi. I'm angel. I prefer you use that name, I'll never disclose my real name to you.
________I live in novels, and music. That's it.
__________My Chemical Romance = the ultimate. (it's a bit obvious)
____________I enjoy literacy; though just proper spelling. If I met you online n u typ juz lyk diz;
______________I certainly won't waste much of my time on you.
____________I just don't really care about 'public image'. If you'd ask me it's bullshit.
__________I know my right and wrong, I don't need judgment from people who are dirty themselves.
________I don't like pink, but I hate people who says it's a disgusting color. blah, it's a the color of
What would you feel if someone said black is as pretty as shit?
________I recently became a vegan; don't ask.
__________I dislike people who babble online about their sexuality.
____________I would specify all I hate and dislike but it would take too long.
______________Let's put it as I am a hateful person, though not in a sense of I hate the whole world
____________I have these random requirements for a person.
__________I hate peanut butter and chocolate mint.
________I'm certainly not a people person, I prefer my own company than the others.
______Arguments don't exists with me, unless it's something crucial for me. i.e gay marriage and
________some things.
__________Twilight and New Moon are my currently most favorite books (8 months -- longest).
____________Second are the whole book series of The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.

______Behind the lies.

_______________________The Used My Chemical Romance. Coldplay
______________________Cradle of Filth Avenged Sevenfold. Greenday
_________________________HIM Smashing Pumpkins. Iron Maiden
_________________________Pantera Panic! at the Disco. A Fire Inside
______________________________Metalica Angtoria. Nirvana
__________________________Rise Against Pink Floyd. David Costa
__________________________Paramore 30 Seconds To Mars. Muse
_________________________Sublime Taking Back Sunday. Underoath

Mind over Matter.

___________Can you imagine how is it for me to kill you?________Anne Rice

_____________________Anne Rice is the author whom I look up to most. I've read all of her masterpieces and they all amazed me. She is a flawless writer who could created a new world out of a common subject. Her novels are mostly written in a old and casual manner, like Romeo and Juliet. Though she uses unusual words, that sometimes I need a handy dictionary with me, it's all breath-taking. All of her subject are the creatures of the dark. From witches to demons and my most favorite Mythical creature, vampires. She wrote a series about vampires called the Vampire Chronicles. It started with the most brilliant book I have every read in my entire life, Interview with a Vampire. I won't include much information on the book because I don't want to ruin the story for you if ever it interests you. Passion is a very hard thing to look for in most books, the strong emotion poured to words are rich in her books. There are extreme love scenes that doesn't sound embarrassing at all. She described everything in a manner that I can only dream of doing.

__________Bring on the blood and guts! _______Stephenie Meyer

______________Her novels became the newest cool thing. Of course who wouldn't love a story of an average human being falling in love with a exquisite and inhumanly beautiful vampire. Most of the readers are girls, daydreaming about Edward Cullen and wondering about their own vampire lover. Though I love the book not just because of it's story. What really made me like Stephenie Meyer is because of how she writes. She madr her entire books teenager-friendly though also had some intelligent features in it. The way she placed her self in Bella Swan's shoes and describe the emotions are not the average type of how a 17-year old would think. Of course it wouldn't be like it was written by a seventeen year old. The author is thirty-three. But also, she didn't wrote it like how a thirty-three year old writter should phrase it. She didn't use extreme deep words and very casual grammar. It's like a collision. She jumped on both ways of writing.

-Do you expect us to remember?-Image

You're wasting your precious time,
highlighting this.

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