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Stephanie Johnson
Riddles Of Revenge, Virginia

Member since December 20th, 2006


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xMCRSavedMyLifex , or x3PoisonGirl666


Age-You should already know. Yup I'm young but VERY mature for my age you'll see that once you get to know me.
I'm new here so give me some time to get use to everything.

More about me:
Humm. I'm a complete music whore it is what keeps me breathing. I'm way into art, and writing. I have some AMAZING friends who I love with all thats in me, and are one of the main reasons why I am still here. I'm a vey shy person when I first meet someone but one I know you you'll see my true side. I come from a broken home. I've had to live through hell. I've made some bad mistkes yet I don't regret any of it. I'm a beliver in "Don't regret something or someone that once made you smile.". I'm an only child but I have three bestfriends that are just like siblings to me we spend every moment we can with each other Justin is like my older brother and is very protective, Kasi is my twin(we cause trouble when we are together for long periods of time) and Jack is like my little brother that I constantly worry about and watch over. My friends and I act like complete retarded misfits but its who we are and we can't help it its who we are and we are having fun doing it. I will openly admit that I have some issues, but everyone has issues. And I am in NO way perfect. I love helping people in anyway. And just to warn you I have a very very perverted mind. And I love to make people happy and laugh.

As for my looks. I would have a picture up BUTTTT noooo the only digital camra I have is my camra phone and its acting gay and won't let me send pictures to my e-mail. So for now I will have to discibe my looks. 5'4-5'7, some extra baggage, green eyes with some blue, short black hair. So there are lots of days I don't feel pretty, beautiful, but than there are days that I do.

If there is something more you want to know just ask me.


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