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Day Of The Dead

Day Of The Dead
Echelon, Mars <3

Member since December 24th, 2006




I don’t come on here a lot anymore. I'm now at uni, working towards a degree (for those who wanted to know xD) and have other things going on...I will still be coming on, to check messages and such. Just not as much as I used to.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone I spoke to/speak to on here. I’ve made some really good friends here. Some who have become some of my best friends.

Things changed I guess. People on here helped me when I really needed it. This became a place where I could talk to people about my problems and they’d help me. I can’t say enough on how much it has affected me.

I’m not really sure on what to say about My Chem. I love them to bits and I will always, no matter what musical direction they may take or if they change. I just owe so much to them. When I wasn’t on here, wasn’t with my friends; I had them. When all the things I felt like I needed to keep me living weren’t there, they were a little reminder to stay strong and be myself. To me, they will always be my favourite band, no matter what. <3

I’d also like to say thanks to a few people here. From the first people I met on here but who had to leave for reasons....Vicky and Lock. I love you guys <3 I’d also like to say thank you to Justine, Mandy, Vanessa, Lorah and Jaylee. You guys are amazing. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


23rd September 2006~Mcfly-Nylon, The Click Five.
29th March 2007~My Chemical Romance-Thursday
24th June 2007~*Hyde Park Calling* Aerosmith-Chris Cornell, Jet, Brigade, That Haunts, Black Stone Cherry, Mcqueen
4th October 2007~Madina Lake-Halifax, Envy On The Coast, My American Heart
15th November 2007~My Chemical Romance-Mindless Self Indulgence
10th May 2008~*Give It A Name*Paramore-Cobra Starship, MC Lars, My American Heart, Finch, Plain White Tees
18th November 2008~Mcfly-Avenue, Reemer
27th November 2008~My American Heart-We Are The Ocean, Just Surrender
17th April 2009~*Give It A Name*Enter Shikari-The Blackout, The Academy Is..., The King Blues, Emery, Lights, In This Moment

5th May 2009~Mcfly-David Archuleta
29th May 2009~The Blackout-The Urgency, Hollywood Undead, Silverstein
22nd July 2009~Morrissey-Doll And The Kicks
5th August 2009~Relentless Boardmasters Festival-The Blackout, We Are The Ocean, Everything Burns, Downtown Riots

21st November 2009~The Blackout-*signing*
23rd February 2010~30 Seconds To Mars-LostAlone, Street Drum Corps.
6th April 2010~AFI-The Dear And Departed, Sick Of It All
8th April 2010~Madina Lake-Mayday Parade, We Are The Ocean
16th April 2010~Alesana-A Skylit Drive, Bury Tomorrow
2nd May 2010~LostProphets-The Blackout
3rd August 2010~Madina Lake
4th August 2010~Madina Lake

22nd October 2010~We Are The Ocean-A Ghost Of A Thousand, Our Last Night
30th November 2010~30 Seconds To Mars-Enter Shikari
10th December 2010~Asking Alexandria-Miss May I, The Amity Affliction
12th February 2011~My Chemical Romance-The Blackout, Lost Alone
21st February 2011~We Are The Ocean-Blitz Kids, Spy Catcher
24th February 2011~My Chemical Romance-*PLANETARY (GO!) VIDEO SHOOT*
12th April 2011~The Blackout-Hyro Da Hero, The Swellers
14th, 15th, 16th, 17th July 2011~Guilfest
26th August 2011~READING FESTIVAL-*Mainstage* My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars, The Offspring, Deftones, Rise Against, Bring Me The Horizon, New Found Glory, The Blackout, Architects
6th November 2011~The Blackout-We Are The Ocean
9th November 2011~Madina Lake-Chiodos
10th November 2011~Madina Lake-Chiodos


  • Helmee Bluth

    Happy birthday!

    Helmee Bluth, November 3rd, 2012 at 11:56:19pm

  • Kick Start My Heart

    Definetly go to the doctor and get yourself some antibiotics! don't leave it as long as I did! my doctor had me terrified, he said i'd have to get it pulled out but thankfully I didn't :D I'm all good now thanks

    Don't worry about it I'm rarely on here anymore, Its such a quiet place towards when I first joined. Its a shame really.

    I've been great thanks :) .. I ran into my ex twice yesterday, and once today. That was awkward to say the least. We made eye contact but didn't speak. We're way to stubborn for that haha

    I finally got myself a job in a pet store! I'm starting my training on the 16th of April for five days. I had travel five hours just to get to the interview which sucked but worth it now :D

    How has everything been going for you?

    Kick Start My Heart, April 4th, 2012 at 01:30:21pm

  • Need to know.

    Yeah, I get that. If it were me I'd probably want to live in like a small town (by my definition I guess x]) like Bath or Bournemouth or Bristol and then visit the cities like London when I feel like it. That'd be pretty cool! Is it really quiet and countryside-ish where you live?

    Yeah, not to mention I'd probably end up never wearing it because I'd be too scared I'd break it. I'm surprised I still haven't lost the Mcr necklace or broken the ray gun xD Aw,wish you could see it, it's a cat being fed dry food using chopsticks =33 He's doing fine thanks. How are your dogs? Sorry can't remember all their names right now, I do remember Rolo though!

    I actually think it's not so bad now that I've gotten used to it x] It's kinda hard to explain as it's not like the Maths we're used to at all, it's just lots and lots of logic and proofs. Aww, I'm sure you look great! But I know how you feel, especially when someone tags me in a horrible pic and I'm like 'Oh God I hope no one saw that' :S

    Yeah, it was great hanging out with you and you friends! :) I really do appreciate it, thank you, especially for letting me stay in the front -hugs- Eeek that's so sweet! :DD Mateo is just too awesome for words, I actually met him and Nathan afterwards and I talked to Mateo for quite a bit. He was like really fascinated by the fact that I'm from Malta 'cause he hadn't heard of it before and said that I had a cool dad for taking me the gig xD The gig, especially ML, was just epic! I had much more fun than Mcr's actually but I think that's mostly because I was 2nd row in this and so far back in the other one. How was it for you? I was talking to some fans while waiting afterwards and they said they'd seen ML about 17 times or so (so jealous ahh =O) and that was one of their best :D

    I've heard quite a lot about Little Big Planet, is it a sort of sidecroller game? I've gotten into Mass Effect a lot recently x] Hmm still not that crazy about them honestly but they weren't bad at all live and definitely had a lot of energy and yeah, their image was a bit theatrical to say the least haha x] Ahh, me too! Loved everything about SHFC, their songs make me feel like jumping up and down hehe.

    Yeah, exactly. I don't even read depressing news like that any more because it just bums me out and I feel so helpless =/ No, but I want to ride one. Or at least go skydiving, it's on my bucket list! Awh, those sound so lovely, especially the first one. LOL and what did they say when you got it? My friend did the same with her nose piercing but she didn't tell them so she got it then called them and was like 'Oh I just got a nose piercing' xDD Yeah, there are definitely worse things we could be up to haha xD

    Jan and Feb were particularly hard especially due to exams. I swear I almost gave up a couple of times but I'm really glad I stuck through 'cause the results came out and I did surprisingly well haha and this semester is way better now ^^ Wow, that sounds amazing! I'm glad you're enjoying it! =] And how's the festival going? :D Yes, I've heard a bit of them even through Rock Sound and stuff!

    It's ok, I'm sorry I took so long too :[ Everything's pretty good right now, super busy juggling uni, assignments, work and friends lol but at least I've got some holidays to get some work done. Aw, that sucks but I'm glad it's ok now. And the cakes thing sounds so sweet :3 Makes me wish I had just a pinch of cooking ability, I'd make cupcakes and muffins and cookies like all the time! Oh, how much does an average sized tattoo cost then? Is it really expensive? And how have you been? :))

    I was working on Nye so that was kinda sucky but I spent xmas eve with friends and Christmas with family and relatives so that made up for it :] And you, how were your holidays?
    Btw did you happen to come across the photos that Henry or Harry guy took? The only photo we took of us was with his camera :/

    Need to know., April 2nd, 2012 at 03:25:27pm

  • Nova Cara Do Mal


    Nova Cara Do Mal, March 30th, 2012 at 07:20:19pm

  • Nova Cara Do Mal

    Bobber is that you??? :D

    Nova Cara Do Mal, March 30th, 2012 at 07:20:05pm

  • wednesday.

    as always, i do apologize for taking so long to respond! i am the worst ever at looking at my profile. i really need to do a better job of this! because i love talking to you, and writing you back.

    anyway. christmas was such a long time ago that i don't even remember what i got lol. i'm sure i got a ton of movies; i always do XD and i got a watch. and then i just got some other random things. i think maybe a video game. it was a nice christmas, though. and it's hard to believe that it's almost april of 2012! where does the time go?!

    it sounds like you've gotten to travel to some lovely places! i'm hoping to travel to england this october. that is, if i'm able to earn up enough money to do so. i've always wanted to go, so i'd love to make my dream a reality. las vegas was nice! i was really young, though. so i didn't get to do much. but it was intense lol. all of those lights and casinos and such. i'd love to go back there now that i'm older. do you have any vacations planned for later this year?

    chicago was just lovely! it was nice to go to a big city and just be able to walk around to places, rather than drive XD it only took about two hours to fly there. and that was my first time flying. I LOVED IT. well i was kind of scared, at first, but then i loved it lol. it was so much fun looking down at the clouds and the land and such. very interesting experience.

    i haven't really been up to much :3 mostly just work. that keeps me pretty busy these days. what about you; what have you been up to lately? are you still in school, or have you finished? if you are still in school, i hope that it is going well for you!

    hope you've been well!

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x <3

    wednesday., March 26th, 2012 at 11:27:11pm

  • Ragnar

    Well thanks! (:

    Ragnar, March 1st, 2012 at 09:38:14pm

  • Kick Start My Heart

    Thats ok don't worry about it :) I haven't really been online much lately either.
    Mine was great thanks! new years kinda sucked because my wisdom teeth were playing up, My jaw was swollen so that was buckets of fun lol
    And will do, same to you :) xx

    Kick Start My Heart, January 25th, 2012 at 12:01:42pm

  • wednesday.

    merry (late) christmas! i hope that you had a fabulous day! what kinds of presents did you get for christmas? and do you have any fun plans for new years? i am surprised at how fast 2011 went by! it doesn't seem like it should be over with already.

    i know i always apologize for this, but i really am sorry that it has taken me so long to respond D: i need to check my profile more often. because i love talking to you! and i hate how i forget to check my profile to see if you have written me back yet.

    my niece still calls me mimi, haha! i'm not exactly sure why she does that, but she does. she can say mandy, but she just refuses to call me that. i've only heard her call me by my name just a few times. i think mimi is like a "pet" name. but i do hope she'll start calling me mandy sometime soon because a lot of people call their grandmothers mimi. and i'm not her grandmother, so. haha!

    i've been to a bunch of places in the states before. mostly out west, though. like to Las Vegas and other places around there. i've only been up north once, to New Jersey. i went there for a soccer tournament that i was involved in. sadly, i haven't been able to travel much, though. i still plan to come to London one day. hopefully soon. do you get to travel a lot?

    i did finally find a full time job! i started late october XD it's pretty fun. well most of the time, haha. it can still be pretty stressful. but i'm just glad that i finally found something. it was nice for me to get out of the house and work for a bit. i was getting tired of being stuck at home all the time. i'm trying to save up enough money to do a bit of travel. i do get to travel with my job, though. i'm going to Chicago in January. i'll mostly be working while i am there, but i will have an entire day to myself when i first get there. i'm kind of nervous, but excited. i've never been on a plane before!

    how is school going? i hope that all is well with you! what have you been up to?

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x <3

    wednesday., December 26th, 2011 at 12:24:36pm

  • Kick Start My Heart

    Hi :)

    Just popping by to say merry christmas and thank you for all the advice :)


    Kick Start My Heart, December 24th, 2011 at 07:26:04am

  • skitty.

    its so perfect haha

    skitty., November 28th, 2011 at 11:48:19pm

  • skitty.

    your signature can i just say
    beautiful <3

    skitty., November 22nd, 2011 at 06:13:04am

  • Need to know.

    I understand, I think I fell asleep replying to you like twice hah x] Hehe yeah! Wow, it sounds like such an amazing experience! Do you like London a lot then? I love cities but I couldn't imagine living in one x]

    Yeah, I wish they'd make some more =[ Have you seen the watch they released (Tokyo something?)? It looks so freaking cool but waaaay too expensive! =O Awww, if it was possible to die from too much cuteness, I'd die too often x3 And look at this one: mE I want to teach Fritz to do that now hehe ^^

    She has given up now but it's such an important exam, you need it for college and university here =/ And now at Uni I've got Discrete maths and everyone agrees it makes A level maths look easy. You can imagine how terrifying that is lol! Haha, I have no problem looking silly so long as no photos or evidence is involved xP

    Yep, my faves are We Got This and Take me or leave. Just reading the lyrics to We got this is enough to make me cry =3 I knooow, it's so beyond awesome! :DD Wooo, Go River People haha! xD We're not staying at a hotel, we're just gonna fly in, go to the concert and fly out in the morning. My dad is travelling with me but he's going to watch We will rock you while I'm at the concert. In fact I wanted to ask if I could stay with you during the concert? I don't want to impose though =3 But it'd be great to finally meet you at least :) The ironic part is that I ended up having no money for a while so they couldn't ship WW3 and now I'm still waiting for it to arrive D=

    Mhmm <3 Yeah, it's really good :] Do you play video games too? Yeah, not fond of them either. Crazy and me is the only one I like and even so, I'm not crazy about it. Have you heard Super Happy Fun Club who are also playing? I hadn't even heard of them before but I checked them out and I actually really like them so yay! You should listen to 'London' and 'Invincible' by them if you haven't already :] Still a bummer Chiodos dropped out though =[

    Yeah I don't understand it and no one gets anything out of it either :S There's been a lot of cases of animal abuse recently here and it makes me so disgusted and sad that someone could do that =[ Aww that sucks! I remember last time I went to Bournemouth I wanted to get on the hot air balloon but couldn't 'cause it was too windy too =/ Hehe Gozo is one of the Maltese islands. So what are you designing now? Oh I'd love to get it but I'm pretty sure my parents would kick me out hah xD

    Yes, I started about a month ago. I felt so lost during the first 2 weeks but it's getting better now. Yeah, it does feel ages =[ I hate being so busy! Even my friends who live mins away I haven't spoken to in days. That sounds really cool, good luck with it :D So what do you do exactly? Do you get to work in concerts and studios and stuff? =D

    Not bad thanks. Like I said, felt a bit overwhelmed with Uni and all but it helps to take it one day at a time. What about you, how've you been? Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! How was your day? Did you get anything good? ;D

    Need to know., November 3rd, 2011 at 01:28:02pm

  • wednesday.

    hey! as i said in my message, i do apologize for the late reply! i really do need to check my page more often to see if anyone has written anything or not. i shall be better at this from now on, i promise.

    aw, that sounds so adorable (your cousin's adopting a little girl)! how old is she? XD i love kids. well. let me rephrase that. i love kids in small amounts, haha. i can't handle kids when there are lots around. but if there are just a few, then i'm fine.

    my niece is growing up so fast! she's already one year and five months old. she's walking a lot. well. she runs around a lot. and she loves to play outside. so she's always putting her shoes on and then standing by the front door going "side! side! side!" and she refuses to call me mandy. even though she can say it. so now i am mimi. and if i ever disappear for even just a few seconds, she starts screaming mimi. it's so adorable XD

    and the bad thing about group projects is that they never end! you think that they would end after college. but even now in a lot of workplaces, people are being forced to work in groups. fortunately, i haven't had to experience this in my job yet, but a lot of job applications that i have filled out talk about how there is a lot of group work. so i pretend like i love it in order to try to get hired, even though i really loathe it, haha.

    oh that is so amazing that you got to go to france! i would love to go there some day, now all i need to do is just earn up the money, which will take me forever to do in this economy. but i really would love to travel! i've always just been stuck in the united states my whole life. i need to venture out and go to different countries.

    thanks for the happy birthday, by the way! it was a pretty good birthday. actually. it's been so long ago i don't even remember what i did. i think i just worked and then hung out with friends. nothing too spectacular. but it was still a rather lovely day, despite work.

    anyway. how have you been? i hope that you've been well! i've just been busy working, and trying to find a full time job. trying my best to save up some money. i'm thinking about trying to sell my photography as like a little side job. i was going to rent a booth at a festival this october and sell my photos, but i waited too long to register D: so now i can't do that. i'm so mad at myself, haha. now i'll have to wait until next year.

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x <3

    wednesday., September 16th, 2011 at 04:25:27pm

  • Need to know.

    Hehe yeah, this is it if you wanna watch it: Have you started your course yet? When do you start?

    Totally, I've been thinking of giving my room a makeover and introducing more shelves for those stuff, the Tim Burton stuff and some Spongebob stuff lol xP Yeah, they sold out so quickly! I ordered one but then I got refunded the money 'cause I was too late D= Haha me too, there's one cute video of a small bunny in a cup or something which I keep going back to. I've seen it like 10 times for sure x]

    Thank yoouu! :]] That's pretty great! I've got a friend who has taken it 5 times and still can't pass =S Especially with the A level, a lot of people I know failed maths, probably the majority actually. It's hard to celebrate and stuff when half your friends have resits meh =/ Aww! But at least you get to look less silly xD

    Mhm :) I don't have iTunes but they're streaming it live on MySpace now so I finally heard it and YAY! It's so brilliant <3 I predict myself listening to it on repeat for a while for sure!! I need to listen to it a few more times to choose any faves though 'cause if I had to choose right now I'd end up mentioning most of the whole album haha x] It's official..I'm coming to see them in London!! :DDD I don't think I've quite wrapped my head around it, first Mcr and now ML =3 And the flights weren't cheap but totally worth it xD

    Haha yep, you said it x]

    Yeah, I'd definitely eat too much Chinese food if it wasn't so expensive. Blessing in disguise I guess xD The game's called Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. It's not that well-known but fun even if it gets kinda scary sometimes 'cause it has monsters in it xP Awww, that's so awesome! Did you hear Chiodos are playing with ML? Such a win-win :D I think you were the one who introduced me to them!

    Jeez =O Even if you do know better than to let some idiot get to you, it's still not right at all =/ Do these stuff still happen nowadays? I know a few years ago there was a lot of attention from the media and bullying about the whole 'emo' thing but it seems to have died down, right? I hope so at least. Umm my nail fell off and now it's growing back hehe! Cool, Paris is so beautiful =] Did you climb the Eiffel Tower too? My summer's been pretty good so far, just busy with the usual stuff. I did spend 3 days in Gozo with my friends which was pretty fun xD I see, better than nothing! Aahh, it's so pretty :D Glad it didn't hurt much, I think I'd hurt easily if I got one xD I got this but only as a henna:

    I'm great, thanks =) I've been pretty excited for University and winter, a bit scared too though x3 And you? How are you?

    [Sorry I posted twice, I tried to edit the old one to add something but failed :3 Feel free to delete the old one!]

    Need to know., September 11th, 2011 at 06:07:26pm

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