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<3 mcr land--wit Gerard!!

Member since December 28th, 2006


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♥«´¨`•° Sheen °•´¨`»♥

Hey! ma name iz Rosheene but all ma m8's call meh sheen.
^ ^ ^ ^ that is meh, call meh woteva yew wnt: posa, attention seeka, emo, punk, woteva-...but i reli dnt cre. nmes meeeeean fuk all!!
Here's a few random facts about meh:
*Cdnt live witout ma C.D playa
*ditto 2 phone
*ditto 2 internet
*ditto 2 EYELINER!
*I luv blood!
*Have an obsession with the colour black
*im classed as 'emo'. deal wit it!
*dnt cum near meh wen im avin a bad day (basically most of da tym)
*no1 trust meh wit saw's-i onli tried 2 saw of lucia's head once! honest!
* i have written '1,000 ways to kill some-one in the most brutal way possible!'
*i dont get along with my family-they hate me, and i hate them.
*i lost most of my friends when i became an 'attention seeker', when i became an 'emo'. [[oh, if only they knew--it would make their hair curl]].

shit happened in my life, just like with everyone elses life.
i changed.
august 28th was the day that wrecked my life-
the day when i changed.
i used to be outgoing, bubbly, i used to do quite good at school, my family used to love me, i used to fit in [[ish]], i had long blonde hair, wore mini skirts [[occasionally]] wear bright colours, paint my nails pink and purple, i used to be happy, i used to smile, i used to go out and have a good time...
now im quiet, or i snap, the only lesson im any good in is art, my family hate me, i get beaten up by chavs, i have short black hair, black nails, black clothes, i dont smile, i dont go out, i stay in my room and listen to music...
i was left alone.

^^^^^ these r der most awesome guyz eva!!!!!

MCR ave changed my lyf. thy saved my life. if it woznt 4 dem id b unda ground sumwhere rottin' away! they meant so much to me! they are the reason i get out of bed in the morning...i would take a bullet for them anyday!! they are the most amazing people i have ever heard of-
they are all super talented--gerards voice brings a tear to my eye!
the lyrics are so powerful, so full of meaning!
the band mean what they say...
MCR till i fuckin die!!

Gerards sweet, sweet voice makes my <33 pound. he sings the lyrics with such a meaning...Image
Mikey owns at bass!! it pisses meh off bg tym wen peeps refer 2 'im az: 'gerards brother' hes got a name y'no!?! [[and congrats!!]]Image
frankie: him and pansy are together as one, i love how he performs on stage with so much energy!!Image
ray: wow! O.o is all i can say!! You are unique and amazingImage
bob: i <33 yew so much! yew iz an amaze drummer, i wish i woz lyk yew!!!Image

"I am not afraid to keep on living, i am not arfraid to walk this world alone...I see you lying next to me, with words i thought id never speak-awake and unafraid..."

MCR iz da bst band eva!!

" TyK mEh FuKiN hNd && NeVa B aFrAiD aGeN"

___***____***____***__ *** _____
_***_____My Chemical_____***__

&& tHrO iT aLl HoW cUd YeW cRy 4 mEh, CoZ i DnT fEeL bAd BoUt It, So ShUt Ur EyEz, kiSs MeH gDbI, && sLeEp...JuSt SlEeP!

♥ If You Ever Felt Alone ♥
♥ If You Ever Felt Rejected ♥
♥ If You Ever Felt Confused ♥
♥ If You Ever Felt Anxious ♥
♥ If You Ever Felt Wrong ♥
♥ If You Ever Felt Wronged ♥
♥ If You Ever Felt Unclean ♥
♥ If You Ever Felt Angry ♥
♥ If You Ever Felt Ashamed ♥
♥ If You Ever Felt Curious ♥
♥ If You Ever Felt Used ♥

♥ Be Prepared To Feel Revenge ♥
♥ Feel The Romance ♥

♥ My Brutal Romance ♥
♥ My Beautiful Romance ♥
♥ My Innocent Romance ♥
♥ My Childish Romance ♥
♥ My Miserable Romance ♥
♥ My X-Rated Romance ♥
♥ My Harlequin Romance ♥
♥ My Selfish Romance ♥

♥ My Chemical Romance ♥

Da bst bands eva (in order) r:
^Hawthorne Heights
^Cute is what we aim for
^the used
^smashing pumpkins
^'n' more but im not finkin straight!

&& thats meh


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