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Ruby Lee

Member since December 29th, 2006


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Hi, I'm Ruby, Im 13 & I live in England.

Honey This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Both Of Us.

Most of my friends don't know just how much they mean to me

Vampires Will Never Hurt You.

It really bugs me when people moan about the silliest of things, yes, i know i'm guilty for doing it too occasionally, but we should appreciate what we have in life instead of take it for granted.

Drowing Lessons

If i tell you a secret, don't go telling someone else
otherwise it looses its meaning.
(and you lose my trust.)

Our Lady Of Sorrows.

Killing animals is wrong, so I'm a vegeterian (:
if you have a problem with that then fine, but don't tell me its stupid okay? (:

Headfirst For Halos.

When i tell you i love you, i mean it.
(unlike some people)

Skylines & Turnstiles

When i find a song i like, i listen to it on repeat for ages until i get sick of it, then i listen to it some more, until i get back into it, and then i get sick of it again etc.

Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

But if I'm sitting in silence for than 10 minutes and I'm not listening to my MP3, then I'm probably dead (:

This Is The Best Day Ever.

I worship music (:
My Chemical Romance are the favourite band, don't dis me becuase of it. And most importantly don't label me because of it. (That really pisses me off) They havent saved me like most people claim that they have, they've just made my life a lot more interesting, and I'm glad I discovered them, because tbh, I cant remember what life was like before I'd ever heard of My Chemical Romance.


I like quite a lot of music, a bit of everything really, i like the odd one or two rap/hip-hop/R&B song, i like quite a bit of dance and club and electro stuff, not into classical music though, but the stuff i listen to most is rock, metal, screamo kind of stuff (:

I'd say that im quite an easy person to get along with, so why not talk yer ? (:

Demolition Lovers.


  • Please Die !

    hey ruby i'm chris =] kinda liked you profile and yes i wanna talk ! LOL ! see ya xx. chris ps yes very random moment there XD

    Please Die !, August 27th, 2007 at 12:51:05am

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